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API Management as a solution to Mobile Enablement

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API Management is an innovative approach to mobile
enablement that is seeing a lot of adoption in recent times. With API
Management, organizations expose existing IT assets and services as Application
Programming Interfaces or APIs, which can be leveraged by third parties. This
allows tapping into innovation by mobile application developers external to the
organization and capturing new revenue opportunities. It allows for
differentiated customer service as third parties may conglomerate disparate
APIs from different vendors to provide innovative solutions that would not be
possible otherwise. 

API Management
is a unique in its offering that it encompasses management
of both the internal and external life-cycles of the APIs. It offers the

· Provides complete API life-cycle management,
including definition, creation, security, monitoring, and management of APIs

· Enables developers to REST-ify existing and
new services for API exposure

· Provides
opportunities to grow and enrich developer communities with pre-built,
customizable portals

· Delivers proven, trusted API management

Figure: API Management Lifecycle – Reference

 Specifics on the components of the API Management architecture:

 1. API Portal External developer
portal, sits on top of API repository & API gateway 
  •  Self-service registration, on-boarding 
  • API "market place"
  • API documentation, forums, blogs, "support"
  • API key delivery
  • API testing tools
  • Visualization of runtime usage metrics/monitoring
  • Bill presentment/contract agreement
 2. Oracle API Gateway Exposes APIs to the external world
  • API Key generation/validation
  • Access enforcement
  • Rate Limiting / Client Throttling
  • Response caching
    API virtualization in the
  • Security token & protocol mediation
  • Firewalling, method/parameter white
  • API aggregation & mash-up
  • API usage measurement & reporting
3. Oracle Enterprise Repository

  • Back office API Catalog
  •  Content prep environment
  • API service dependency analysis
  • API lifecycle management 

4. Oracle Service Bus
  • Access enforcement
  • Routing, mediation, service
    throttling, response caching, versioning - abstracts backend services
  • Rich
  • Heavy duty payload
  • API virtualization, protocol & security translation for

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