Tuesday Mar 24, 2009

Adobe Acrobat Reader for x86 on solaris finally

Today Adobe released Reader 9.1 for [Open]Solaris on x86

Get it

Wednesday Sep 05, 2007

Compiz on Solaris

Compiz 5.2 on Solaris !

[Read More]

Wednesday May 09, 2007

Solaris USB devices

My other entry on gettng me canon 400D working with Solaris had one
little thing in error. I used update_drv(1M) thinking it was needed
for the ugen(7D) driver to attach correctly. Its not the case. We
don't need no update_drv(1M) for usb devices anymore (really). The
system will do everything needed (or its a bug).

This functionality was introduced into solaris via this bug; 6213551 libusb support should just work thanks a lot to Frits and the usb guys.

A FAQ is available as well
as the ugen(7D) manpage.

Tuesday Mar 06, 2007

Little Samba SMF changes a comming.

Samba changes upcoming in the Solaris Nevada trains. Theres gonna be two more SMF
services; winbind and wins. Tis for running samba in a domain controlled by ADS-PDC.
Since ADS resolves hostnames via whatever nameserver (nis, dns, ldap...) it no
longer needs the old WINS protocol (nmdb).

Though if you've got an older setup and may still need the WINS protocol you'll need
to enable the network/wins server ala:

svcadm enable network/wins
And of course having a proper /etc/swf/smb.conf config file.

Some details of this are with this bug; 6525472

Friday Mar 02, 2007

Keys with X and kmdb and panics

A short tale of mixed keys in the party of X and kmdb.[Read More]

Tuesday Feb 13, 2007

laptop + power outage == keep running

Left me laptop at home, still powered on and networked. Came home to find the battery had half its charge left. Hmm. Going through the logs shows.

Feb 13 17:57:22 kashyyyk fr4kndis: [ID 705148 kern.notice] link down
Feb 13 17:57:22 kashyyyk usba: [ID 691482 kern.warning] WARNING: /pci@0,0/pci1025,7e@13,2/storage@7 (scsa2usb3): Disconnected device was busy, please reconnect.
Feb 13 17:57:24 kashyyyk scsi: [ID 107833 kern.notice]  Device is gone
Feb 13 17:57:24 kashyyyk last message repeated 1 time
Feb 13 17:57:24 kashyyyk ufs: [ID 702911 kern.warning] WARNING: Error writing ufs log
Feb 13 17:57:24 kashyyyk ufs: [ID 127457 kern.warning] WARNING: ufs log for /media/OneTouch II changed state to Error
Feb 13 17:57:24 kashyyyk ufs: [ID 616219 kern.warning] WARNING: Please umount(1M) /media/OneTouch II and run fsck(1M)
Feb 13 17:57:27 kashyyyk genunix: [ID 408114 kern.info] /pci@0,0/pci1025,7e@13,2/storage@7/disk@0,0 (sd4) offline
Feb 13 17:57:27 kashyyyk last message repeated 1 time
Feb 13 17:57:27 kashyyyk genunix: [ID 408114 kern.info] /pci@0,0/pci1025,7e@13,2/storage@7 (scsa2usb3) offline
Feb 13 19:04:29 kashyyyk fr4kndis: [ID 141910 kern.notice] link up
Feb 13 19:04:30 kashyyyk usba: [ID 912658 kern.info] USB 2.0 device (usbd49,7100) operating at hi speed (USB 2.x) on USB 2.0 root hub: storage@7, scsa2usb3 at bus address 3
Feb 13 19:04:30 kashyyyk usba: [ID 349649 kern.info]    Maxtor OneTouch II B61KB83H    
Feb 13 19:04:30 kashyyyk genunix: [ID 936769 kern.info] scsa2usb3 is /pci@0,0/pci1025,7e@13,2/storage@7
Feb 13 19:04:30 kashyyyk genunix: [ID 408114 kern.info] /pci@0,0/pci1025,7e@13,2/storage@7 (scsa2usb3) online
Feb 13 19:04:31 kashyyyk scsi: [ID 193665 kern.info] sd4 at scsa2usb3: target 0 lun 0
Feb 13 19:04:31 kashyyyk genunix: [ID 936769 kern.info] sd4 is /pci@0,0/pci1025,7e@13,2/storage@7/disk@0,0
Feb 13 19:04:31 kashyyyk genunix: [ID 408114 kern.info] /pci@0,0/pci1025,7e@13,2/storage@7/disk@0,0 (sd4) online
Feb 13 19:05:28 kashyyyk /sbin/dhcpagent[861]: [ID 981413 daemon.warning] configure_v4_lease: incorrect broadcast address specified for fr4kndis0; ignoring
Feb 13 19:05:28 kashyyyk /sbin/dhcpagent[861]: [ID 793670 daemon.error] configure_bound: cannot add default router on fr4kndis0: File exists

Ok, me external usb disk died for a bit and the network link went down for about an hour.

The hour or so later when power came back, everything was restored. Nice.

Monday Aug 28, 2006

Speedy Tapes

qlogic fibre connect to tapes, get it written faster with this[Read More]

Wednesday Nov 16, 2005

one laptop, 50,003 local filesystems and counting


# zfs list | wc -l
This on a laptop, one filesystem per person...

Tuesday Jun 14, 2005

Open doors to OpenSolaris

Here we go.

The source to the kernel, user commands, tons of stuff.

Thursday Jun 02, 2005

Gaming on

Got a mail on an internal mailing list about the opengl nvidia driver for solaris, they've been released ! Alan's blog has the info and where to download them. We've been playing Quake II with these drivers already. At 1600x1200 its very very nice :)

Saturday Apr 02, 2005

Outing benchmarks

One of the benchmarks we run internally just recently escaped into the wild of sourceforge. Its Filebench. It simulates some application workloads without having the application, eg webserving, fileserving, mail etc. More info on Filebench can be gleamed from Richard McDougal and Jim Mauro's Solaris Internals.

Thursday Mar 31, 2005


Reading some news on linux kernel 2.6 being slower than 2.4 and Linus's wish for daily performance testing. He sees it interesting if the benchmark could be rerun for older linx kernels, historical weekly if not daily builds.

One of the things done for Solaris 10 (and older versions) was exactly this. We do run benchmarks daily on the Solaris kernel, we've got runs going back a few years now, for the whole of Solaris 10 development cycle and before. We generate a couple of thousand runs of many benchmarks every month. (my group gets panic attacks if we think something possibly corrupts our database of runs).

Its does indeed help enourmously in tracking down regression. We've got good enough at this to find causes to most regressions to within a few days or so. We can then go talk to the very person/team whose the code may have caused the regression.

The way we do this, this whole running benchmarks non-stop, fully automated, etc, may be opening up to the public sometime, after OpenSolaris launches, probably, which we'll also be doing. Me,not being management, doesn't know the full details etc, but it looks to be happening.




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