Wednesday Aug 05, 2009

Dublin docklands getting some Sun Blackboxes ?

Could be that some Sun Blackbox containers are destined for Dublin docklands as per the winner of
a recent competition. Wonder if any HPC is needed ?-)

Monday Mar 16, 2009

What any 'cloud' based app/service will have to beable to beat

What any 'cloud' based app/service/api will have to be able to beat in terms of self-serviceability
(i.e. upgrading itself), propagation over new compute nodes, speedy integration new features..

All that good stuff.

It'll have to match what the Conflicker virus already can do.

Tuesday Mar 03, 2009

Photos and Pixies

An interesting thing is happening (again).

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Tuesday Nov 25, 2008

Adding a disk image to a xvm/xen guest

Adding a disk to a linux guest.

Create a 16GB vmdk format sparse disk image:

/usr/lib/xen/bin/vdiskadm create -t vmdk:sparse -s 16g -c "extra disk" /path/to/disk/dir

Attach that new disk image to a guest:

virsh attach-disk virtual-guest /path/to/disk/dir xvdd --driver tap --subdriver vdisk

Note the use of 'xvdd' for the disk name that the linux will see the disk as.

Then one can add the disk to the linux guest's /etc/fstab:

/dev/xvdd1 /export/dsk1 ext3 noauto 0 0

And off one goes

Thursday Mar 27, 2008

povray 3.7 on Solaris

Compiling the beta of povray3.7 on Solaris using SunStudio.

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Thursday Jan 17, 2008

SSL fingerprints mailserver

Changing the SSL fingerprint for fetchmail.

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Wednesday Jun 06, 2007

Nokia 6300 with opensolaris

Getting a nokia 6300 working with solaris

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Tuesday May 08, 2007

Answering a question

I was asked a question. I answered.

>< Hey,
>< You ever seen a 'ROUTER' flag in the output from 'ifconfig -a' ?
> Yes.
its things like that that get you beaten.

Irish humour :)

Monday May 07, 2007

Rebel XTi/400D with gphoto on Solaris

Canon Rebel XTi 400D with Solaris

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Tuesday May 24, 2005

New blogging boy

Seems my immediate boss Damien has started to blog. He explains more on what Fintan, Gleb, Nicky and others in my group do.

Saturday Apr 02, 2005

Old games, new places

Interesting release yesterday. 3DRealms (aka "it'll be done when its done"), in their usual April 1st humour, released the source to another one of its classic games, Shadow Warrior. Some of us older folks will remember this along with the ever funny DukeNukem. The source has already been ported to use OpenGL here and the folks with another port from the original dos to unix, heres the details. Fast porting, though with Duke Nukem already ported for a while, its not surprising.

Tuesday Feb 22, 2005

An end to Gonzo

Hunter S. Thompson
Gonzo Journalist
1937 - 2005
Time to bring out the rum.

Sunday Feb 20, 2005

And now for something completely different

Finally remembered this site. You've seen t-shirts with the usual comment on them, eg "Been There, Kissed That". That kinds of thing. Well Hairy Baby throws a decent Irish slant on the story. Not your usual Irish t-shirt of the like you'd be seeing in them there tourist shops. This one being a prime example.

And there are indeed some baby t-shirts too.

Tuesday Feb 01, 2005

Solaris 10 out and talked about

Like many others, I'm saying Solaris 10 is out and about. Go try it, play DVD's with it ;), compile stuff with it -- gcc is included. See the huge amount of gnu software shipped with it.

Typically Slashdot has already posted about it.

One thought seen from the Slashdot posts is a wonder where the AMD64/Opteron/64bit Solaris 10 is. Just like Solaris 9 (on sparc) was/is, the 32bit and 64bit kernels are bundled together in the same release. Downloading the version for x86 will give one the ability to use either the 32bit or 64bit kernels on a AMD64 machine, be it an Athlon64 or Opteron type. All you folks with those Ferrai laptops now have 64bit kernels.

One last item, to actually boot the 64bit kernel on an AMD platform use this command:

 # eeprom boot-file=kernel/amd64/unix
 # reboot

Off to watch some DVDs this evening on the laptop. Using Solaris 10 of course.

Tuesday Aug 03, 2004

How large a java brew, old and new

The new version of java (1.5) has sen many improvements. One of which is the performance has increased. A side effect of this was noting that a java app I use was using some amount of memory. The new jvm is getting smart, seeing that it was running on a nice machine (4 cpus and 2GB memory) it decided to itself to run in server mode. Fine, this helps performance. Not so fine if the machine happens to be a server for a few hundred people and a couple of dozen of thos people use this same app. You can see where this is going, the jvm's eat up the memory, leaving little for anything else.

Now the java app it self is launched via java webstart. It can be launched from a webbrowser pointing to a JNLP page/file. From the command line it can be launched as:

      javaws http://location.domain/url/to/the/file.jnlp

One of the entries in this JNLP file is j2se element. It specifies what Java 2 SE JRE to use. This has an addition feature where one can specify some VM arguments for the jvm to use on startup of the application. For example:

        < j2se version="1.4+" java-vm-args="-esa -Xnoclassgc"/>

Fine, we can control how the JVM is run.

Now getting back to my memory thing. A java app, using a large amount of memory on a machine with a nice bit of memory but that memory can get used up fast once a few java apps get launched. Heres the trick:

        < j2se version="1.4+" java-vm-args="-client"/>

It runs the JVM in client mode, thus using less memory. Over half the memory in the case of the java app I was using. Its a nice trick I thought.




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