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Why CPQ is the Underestimated CX Middle Child

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Improving the customer experience (CX) is important for any small-to-medium business. Utilizing tools to create a seamless, streamlined CX can transform an organization from one with mediocre processes to an unstoppable powerhouse. But what tech tools are vital? Though often mistakenly considered a one-layer solution, Configure, Price, and Quote (CPQ) software streamlines processes and creates seamless customer experiences with dimensions that impact finance, sales, service, marketing and commerce.

CPQ: The Middle Child or Intermediary of a Small-to-Medium Business

Think of CPQ like the middle child of a family. Just as this child is integral to connecting the oldest and youngest siblings together, CPQ does the same for a business. Wedged in between customer relationship management (CRM) and enterprise resource planning (ERP) tools, CPQ acts like the intermediary of any successful small-to-medium business (SMB). CPQ compliments CRM —or front office — and also acts as the vital link that gives currency to ERP, the downstream fulfillment. Without CPQ, the accuracy of orders and financials of your business are at risk.

How to Describe the Importance of a CPQ Tool

A CPQ solution impacts a variety of departments, often meaning different things to different people. Knowing how to talk about the importance of CPQ depends on whom you're speaking with. A sales VP, for example, may be concerned about how it can help to enable their sales force. They'll want to know their sales reps will be better prepared to quote faster and more accurately, especially when on the go. Those details would be meaningless to a CFO, for example, who would care more about correct fulfillment, contract management, and margin control. Both ways of describing the importance are accurate; the difference is just in who's asking.

Utilizing Oracle CX Products with CPQ

CPQ is integral to streamlining and creating a seamless customer experience, and Oracle's CX suite serves a variety of industries with broad functionality. Through CPQ, a SMB leverages Oracle CX products to master the following:

  • Service Cloud and CPQ: Guided selling through complex service scenarios
  • Commerce Cloud and CPQ: Provides self-service portals to dealers
  • Subscription Management and CPQ: Sell subscriptions or tangible assets for services delivered
  • ERP Cloud and CPQ: Error-free orders and correct downstream fulfillment
  • Engagement Cloud and CPQ: Connect service and sales functionality in complex quoting and ordering
  • Any CRM and CPQ Cloud: Drives sales reps to work smarter and efficiently

What can your high-growth business do with CPQ? Find out more about how Oracle CPQ Cloud will transform your organization today. 

By Ambar Castillo, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Oracle CX



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