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Want to Avoid Reinventing the Wheel? Try Best Practices

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By Becca Goren, Senior Principal Marketing Director, Modern Best Practice, Oracle

Whenever I get a great idea, I do an internet search to see if somebody else has thought of it first. Inevitably, someone always has.

Smartphone? Check. Self-driving cars? Done. The wheel? Invented centuries ago.

So why do so many small and medium business leaders try to reinvent the wheel every time they need to solve a business problem?

Whatever your problem is, somebody else has faced it before. The challenge is finding the folks who have encountered it before, and are willing to help you overcome it.

Luckily for you, there are companies that specialize in doing just that. Oracle is one of them. And our partners provide a whole ecosystem of companies willing to help SMBs put best practices in place to solve their business challenges.

The Oracle Modern Best Practice Approach

I’ve written before about Oracle Modern Best Practice—what makes it “modern” and what makes it “best.” Oracle works with hundreds of thousands of customers every year, the majority of whom are SMBs. We’ve seen what these companies do, how they operate, and what processes they have put into place.

We’ve taken the best of those best practices, and baked them into Oracle Cloud Applications.

Oracle distinguishes itself from common or “industry standard” practice because it details the ideal process, not the common one. We hear a lot about what most companies do—or even what leading companies do—as far as business processes. While that’s informative to some degree, what we want to know is which processes provide the best results.

That makes a huge difference to SMBs that are looking for a technological solution to their business problems. SMBs have fewer resources than large enterprises, and they need to achieve the best results to fuel growth—at a cost that they can afford.

“Gone are the days of long blueprinting stages where we're trying to understand all the customers’ requirements and try to model the software after their business,” said Jason Stimpfig, solution architect director at DAZ Systems, an Oracle implementation partner. In a fast-growing SMB, such an approach takes too long and costs too much money.

“Now, what we like to do is expose Oracle’s out-of-the-box Modern Best Practice early on in the implementation—design sessions, overview sessions, through all the training and user acceptance testing, reinforcing those best practices.”

Interested in best practices for your SMB? GO chat with us.

Oracle partner Apps Associates  takes a similar approach. “We have customers that are using everything from Quickbooks to 20-year-old legacy mainframe systems,” said Greg Bouchillon, practice director at Apps Associates, “and all of them want best practice. They’re looking to us as their system integrator to provide it. It's nice to be able to point to Oracle Modern Best Practice and say, ‘Look, Oracle has spent millions of dollars developing best practices into these systems, let's utilize that.’

“If a company wants to step away from best practices, we ask them: Is there a regulatory reason?” Bouchillon continued. “Is there a company- specific reason we want to get away from best practices? And generally, the customer says, ‘I want to adopt best practices.’ We don't try to recreate the wheel on every implementation.”

Oracle Modern Best Practice spans multiple lines of business and industries. And, when Oracle rolls out new upgrades in the cloud, SMBs are able to take advantage of all the new features and best practices that come with solution.

“Oracle Modern Best Practice has helped us win projects because customers see a tremendous amount of value,” said Margot McDonnell, practice director at Denovo. “They can take advantage of proven business flows to achieve process improvement without re-engineering, and mitigate risk with the discipline of best practices incorporated into our approach.”

“Ultimately, it’s faster time to value and lower cost,” said Andrew Fulton, president of Inoapps in North America. “By leveraging Oracle Modern Best Practice, we can really drive the implementation to focus on areas of strategic value.”

The processes in Oracle Modern Best Practice not only provide guidelines for doing everything better, they offer an adaptive, scalable framework for growth. As demand for your products and services grows, your finance, HR, customer service, and other systems can scale with you in the cloud. And if you run into stretches when demand is lower (for example, after the holiday rush is over), you can scale down again—easily and cost-effectively.

“It really helps us reduce the risk of our implementation projects. It creates much happier, more satisfied customers,” Stimpfig concluded.

Don't reinvent the wheel. GO chat with us.

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