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Top 5 SMB Forbes Articles in 2018

Sasha Banks-Louie
Brand Journalist

To classify 2018 as a year of experimentation would be an understatement.  For small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) especially, moving workloads to the cloud became the single highest priority, allowing them to reduce capital expenditures while continuing to innovate, compete, and grow at scale.  But challenges along the way scarred some SMBs more than others. 

To learn how SMBs surmounted their mistakes and ended the year on a high note, read our top 5 SMB Forbes articles of 2018:

1. Industrial Safety Products Vendor Looks To Extinguish Business Risk

Missouri-based manufacturer of industrial explosion protection systems completed a global roll out of a cloud-based customer experience platform, helping its salespeople and distributors walk customers through complex product-configurations and submit orders within minutes, down from several weeks.

2. Hidden Costs of Cloud Infrastructure

Small-to-medium businesses can be especially vulnerable to different cloud vendors’ pricing models. That’s because even small variations in prices can mean huge differences in customer costs.  Gimmicks such as “bulk discounts” or “one-way network charges” can often force companies into buying capacity they won’t need.  Learn how to protect your company—and budgets.  

3. CMOs: Put Down The Journey Maps And Think Data First

Today’s consumer hops back and forth between websites, mobile apps, chatbots, social networks, retail stores, and service centers—expecting a tailored, personal experience that’s relevant every step of the way. Find out how to deliver a “frictionless” multi-channel customer experience.

4. Targeted Marketing Helps Mindbody 'Make America Well'

Since California-based wellness services app Mindbody began running cloud-based, segment-specific marketing campaigns, the company went public, increased its revenue 81%, to $183 million and grew its user base to 373,000 practitioners serving more than 40 million consumers.  Learn how Mindbody developed its business fitness regimen.

5. Internet of Things Helps Noble Plastics Keep People Off The Graveyard Shift

Productivity gains made possible through industrial automation and the so-called Fourth Industrial Revolution have given small manufacturers, such as Noble Plastics an opportunity to compete on a massive scale. Find out how Oracle Internet of Things Cloud is helping Nobel Plastics monitor its robots and prevent them from making defective parts that used to result in expensive rework. 

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