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The 3 Best (and 3 Worst) Selling Tips I’ve Heard

Oracle Publishes Modern Best Practice for Sales Performance Management

We just published Oracle Modern Best Practice for Sales Performance Management, with resources that help organizations build their strategies for:

  • Sales Strategy
  • Coaching Plan
  • Incentive Plan

Reviewing this content conjured up many images and experiences from my selling days. It’s been a long while since I carried a bag but, in my career, I've sold many products and services. Everything from a college summer job peddling dishes to young single working women within in rural Minnesoat to my tenure of working with executives at national bank chains to secure high dollar, long term agreements for ATMs and bank security equipment.

I have both given received and given much advice on selling.

3 Worst Selling Tips

  1. Always be closing—you might get lucky
  2. Get the signature—we’ll worry about how to make it work later
  3. Bash the competition—cuz you know they’re doing it to us

3 Best Tips Selling Tips

  1. Become informed before you engage—or you’ll poison territory
  2. Stop talking—try listening
  3. Assume long term relationships—treat your customers like you would your friends

Today’s sophisticated buyers expect professionalism from their solution providers. Most of them would prefer to call you a partner rather than a vendor. Isn’t that you want too?

Set Your Sales Resources Up to Win: Explore Oracle Modern Best Practice for Sales Performance Management

Jim Lein

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Modern Best Practice exploits new capabilities made possible by cloud, mobile, social, analytics, big data, and IoT, making it possible for your organization to achieve more, faster and with fewer resources. It is flexible, supports growth and innovation, and enables new ways to achieve consistently superior performance.

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