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Small and Medium Paths to the Cloud

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Getting to the cloud has been high on the agenda for many enterprises, armed with big budgets and large IT departments, determined to reap the benefits of cloud before their competitors.

But use of cloud computing is no longer purely the domain of the large enterprise.

In recent years, business IT usage and delivery has undergone a transformation.  Instead of investing wholly in on-premises IT systems and services, companies have turned to the cloud to outsource some of their IT and transform capital investment into predictable monthly charges, or even a cost-per user charge. In addition to reducing the reliance on hardware on-premises, cost savings can be made by eliminating the responsibility of maintenance and repairs.

New technologies and automation are also enabling resources to be employed in more innovative and productive areas, and the cloud has made these emergent technologies more accessible, secure, and affordable.

As a result, cloud services are being embraced by businesses around the globe, including small-to-medium businesses (SMBs).

However, taking advantage of these transformative technologies can be challenging for SMBs. Difficulties with scalability, or wrestling with legacy systems, manual processes, and a lack of the right IT skills can present enormous challenges, and SMBs can be slow to move to the cloud for fear of disrupting day-to-day operations.

So, the question is, how and when do you make the move to the cloud?

Many SMBs are working in a hybrid environment, selecting a specific area or project to use cloud alongside the existing infrastructure. The key may be to focus on one objective that the business needs to benefit from, and looking at the ways to use cloud to achieve that.

For example, you may want to improve access to business-critical information and need to modernize data storage and security. Or enable business users to better analyze that information to improve company-wide decisions. It may be that there are applications that could improve efficiency or productivity, and the cloud would enable faster and more reliable testing and deployment.

Oracle Cloud Platform is already helping many SMBs accelerate their digital transformation, partnering with them to evolve the way they work—from cutting down on manual processes to making the most of data insights, improving security, and driving innovation—while providing a safe and compliant environment for data and systems.

With simplified cost options and practices to make migration to the cloud more affordable, Oracle Cloud Platform is within the reach of any business, allowing SMBs to leverage computing powered by AI and machine learning.

Take a look at the new digibook, Grow Your Business with Oracle Cloud Platform, and see how SMBs around the world have made the move to Oracle cloud, and the success they are achieving there. 

By Sharon Gedney, Principal Campaign Manager, Oracle

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