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Oracle Helps Level the Playing Field for SMBs

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Michael Hickins, Director of Strategic Communications, Oracle

In smaller organizations or departments within large organizations, when it comes to, for example, providing great customer service, size doesn’t matter—but budget does. This is often a huge barrier for smaller and midsize organizations looking for the same technological advantages as their larger and financially more well-endowed competitors.

Oracle is helping smaller organizations overcome that budgetary barrier by introducing more affordable flavors of the hugely popular Oracle Database Appliance. Now organizations with smaller budgets can reap the benefits of running Oracle Database and applications without having to pay for more capacity—and associated licensing fees—than they really need. These organizations can now also benefit from the efficiencies of Oracle Engineered Systems, which are optimized for Oracle Database. This can mean much faster implementation times, greatly simplified ongoing maintenance, and simplified patching.

So, rather than having to put together all the hardware and software pieces and then ensure that the database and applications are optimized within the configuration, customers can buy a completely integrated package of software, compute, networking, and storage that’s been optimized and engineered to offer performance and scale for Oracle Databases and applications. This is also important to companies using software specific to their industries, which have been developed by third parties to run on Oracle Database.

When it comes to deployment, businesses can simply plug in Oracle Database Appliance and go. It’s designed so they can be up and running in as few as 30 minutes. There are no additional networking and IT support requirements; maintenance is simpler with only four patches per year—all from Oracle—as opposed to the plethora of patches from multiple vendors in the case of a build-your-own system.

“Our customers can dramatically improve the time it takes for them to get up and running, and the confidence in running their database workloads, which are typically very critical to their business—even if they're small or medium-size businesses,” says Karen Sigman, Oracle vice president of Converged Infrastructure Product Marketing.

In addition to being ideal for SMBs, Oracle Database Appliance can be a great solution for larger companies looking to improve the technology footprint of business units or remote office locations that don’t have IT resources or a traditional data center onsite.

Learn more about Oracle Database Appliance.

Oracle originally introduced Oracle Database Appliance in 2011 as a high-end engineered system, and required Enterprise Edition licensing terms. The new, entry-level Oracle Database Appliance X6-2S is priced starting at $18,000 and is optimized for a single database instance; this then steps up to starting at $24,000 for the X6-2M, which is optimized for multiple database instances, and starting at $68,000 for the X5-2 high-availability appliance, which includes full virtualization support. The new X6-2S and X6-2M models support both Oracle Database Standard Edition 2 and Oracle Enterprise Edition, which means customers with any size Oracle Database can make use of these entry-level appliances.

With Oracle Database Appliance, it’s easy to move applications from a testing environment in the cloud, to a production environment on-premise—and vice versa. Customers can also backup or archive their critical data, and easily move their workloads to Oracle Cloud whenever needed.

Check out the webcast on Oracle Database Appliance.

In a time of very slow (to be generous) economic growth, customers need to be able to innovate and serve their customers as efficiently as possible. According to Dave Vellante, cofounder and chief analyst of Wikibon, 75% of the cost of labor associated with IT doesn’t provide a “differentiable” advantage; no wonder companies “fret about the labor-intensity within IT,” he says.

Oracle Database Appliance has the virtue, among many, of allowing companies to spend less on IT labor where it matters least, and more where it can actually make a difference; in other words, less on just running IT, and more on dazzling customers with innovative new products and services.

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