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  • January 5, 2016

Now That SaaS is Mainstream…Is PaaS The Next Big Thing?

So… “SaaS First!” is now the mantra for your IT strategy. You’ve subscribed to dozens of applications and your organization is like a Leatherman Multi-Tool, equipped to exploit emerging technologies and remain agile no matter what market conditions throw at you.

Congratulations. But I have a couple of questions for you.

What is your plan for dealing with scenarios such as these?

  1. You need some very basic functionality in one segment of your business for which subscribing to another application would be overkill. How do you fill that need?
  2. One of your mission critical SaaS applications fits 95% of your needs. How do you address that other 5%?
  3. You still run a couple of on-premises applications—legacy or niche industry apps—that aren’t natively mobile. How do you make them mobile like your SaaS apps?

Back in the olden days of an all on-premises IT strategy, the answers to these questions were more widely known. However, bringing those answers to fruition were often inordinately complex and expensive.

But, like I said, now that you're all-in with SaaS-First! questions like these may leave you scratching your head. The good news is that PaaS (such as Oracle Platform as a Service) can potentially provide you with all the answers. I recommend a couple of articles to help you envision the possibilities.

Jim Lein

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