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  • February 14, 2014

It's Valentines Day...Do You Love Cloud?

As an avid outdoorsman-well, really a cautious mountain man-I have a love/hate relationship with the cloud in my personal life. When I hike, ski, or bike I like to get as far away from people as possible. Yet I prefer to do so with strong enough 3G coverage to stream Car Talk on NPR or folk music on Folk Alley. And I sometimes leverage GPS to document my exploits with Ski Tracks or AllSport GPS.

On the flip side, access to social media often is a barrier to social interaction. I Snap my son to get up for school when he is dozing in his room fifty feet away after hitting the snooze button too many times.My daughter has tagged me on a Facebook post of a Grumpy Cat video when I'm sitting across the table from her at a restaurant. More than once, I've annoyingly fact checked someone's tall tale at the bar with snopes.

All in all...I'd rate the impact of the cloud on the quality of my personal life as net neutral. I can hike, bike, or ski without any of the aforementioned amenities. They're just nice to have. And I think that maybe we should check our smartphones at the door entering a social gathering.

Undeniably, I love how the internet has changed the way we do business. Yes, I support the local businesses in my small community in brick and mortar, face to face transactions. Restaurants, cleaners, tradesmen, one of a kind boutiques-the majority of which leverage web-based solutions to better serve their customers.

I like the internet when it comes to doing business. But my true love is Oracle Cloud. She takes my breath away when I see how she helps growing companies solve business challenges. Talent Sourcing to attract and retain the best people. Marketing automation to break through the noise and drive profitable revenue. ERP Cloud to transform and streamline operations.

I'm starting to blush. I could go on and on about my love for Oracle Cloud. But I need to be careful. If I brag too much, you'll want her too.

The views expressed on this blog are mine and do not necessarily reflect the views of Oracle.

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