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  • November 9, 2015

I’m In A Midsize State of Mind

Do technology solution providers need to have a go-to-market strategy specifically tailored for small and midsize companies?

From having worked with and for small, medium, and large companies during my multi-faceted career, I can tell you that the answer is emphatically, “Yes!” That is, yes, if they want to thrive in those market segments and deliver real value to those organizations.

That’s why in 2006 Oracle invested resources in forming a midsize go to market team—sales, consulting, marketing, and solution delivery.

Our first big challenge was tweaking the way Oracle presented our key messages to the world. Back then, every Oracle presentation began with something like, “18 out of the top 20 Life Sciences Companies Run Oracle”.

It’s human nature to be proud of success and to drop big names when we can. We all do it. Like how I wear my Shane Doan, captain of the NHL's Phoenix Coyotes, autographed sweater when I play pond hockey because my brother in law built his house and I met him once at Grimaldi’s in Scottsdale.

But thumping our chest produced two reactions. First, small and midsize customers and prospects were thinking, That’s great. We’re happy for your success. The word ‘nonplussed’ comes to mind. Second, it ignored the fact that 2/3 of Oracle’s customers were small and midsize companies. In fact, our recently updated numbers identify that 315,000—now 75%!—of Oracle’s 420,000 customers have annual revenues under $500M.

Small and midsize companies identify themselves by size when they are researching and buying technology solutions.


Once they become customers, they shed that designation and identify with their industry and markets.


The desire to scale is the common denominator amongst our small and midsize companies.

That’s why Oracle’s go to market strategy for small and midsize companies focuses on helping such organizations craft their future-fit strategies for digital transformation and adopting Modern Best Practice.

Oracle’s portfolio of cloud solutions—SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, and DaaS—now makes it even easier for our small and midsize customers to exploit the enabling technologies of social, mobile, analytics, Big Data, IoT, etc. the same as their large competitors do.

I’m proud to carry the small and midsize banner for Oracle.

Perhaps it’s the affinity I feel, like remembering the challenges I faced as controller for a chain of Colorado ski shops, solving financial challenges while also trying to fit in 50+ days on the mountain every season.

Yes, now I work for an industry behemoth and worry more about getting my youngest two kids through college than bagging first tracks. But it’s no hardship because Oracle is genuinely committed to solving the challenges small and midsize companies face, not just paying them lip service. I’m good with that.

Jim Lein

Oracle Cloud GTM Strategies | Modern Best Practice | Solutions for Growing Companies

Modern Best Practice exploits new capabilities made possible by cloud, mobile, social, analytics, big data, and IoT, making it possible for your organization to achieve more, faster and with fewer resources. It is flexible, supports growth and innovation, and enables new ways to achieve consistently superior performance.

The views expressed here are my own, and not necessarily those of Oracle.

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  • Ravi Monday, December 26, 2016
    Jim, I have a simple question. Do you believe it's correct to talk of small and mid-size companies in same breath, as if the terms were synonymous?
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