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Identify Your Weak Spots with a Breakthrough Opportunity Analysis

Any small-to-medium business (SMB) owner can tell you their business changes fast. Competition forces changes, customers demand new features, or you learn the technology and processes that helped build your business no longer work as well as they used to. And since SMBs often need to stretch the impact of every dollar, they typically try to squeeze old tools for all they’re worth.

While this can save some money in the short term, it will never get you to the core problems facing your business – whether it’s a breakdown in process or a deprecated tech platform. Companies often see these issues arise around their configure, price, and quote (CPQ) tools, as they can impact nearly every level of a business and often come with long contracts. Yet, it also represents a valuable chance for SMBs to transform themselves and streamline operations, if they know where to look.

Knowing where to look often requires a little outside help, and that’s where Oracle comes in.

Oracle Breakthrough Opportunity Analysis (BOA)

What if you could uncover and plan to overcome your biggest process and technology problems in two days, instead of extending the life of inefficient tools for months or years? An Oracle Breakthrough Opportunity Analysis (BOA) workshop does just that. In a two-day workshop, Oracle experts work with you with one goal: identify the best ways to improve your company’s selling process, from quote to cash. At the end of two days, you’ll have a holistic understanding of how your business actually flows, including all the systems, processes and platforms it takes to make money.

Think about the last time you actually sat down and mapped out your selling processes. The time it takes to audit processes looking for optimization opportunities is not a luxury most SMBs think they can afford. On the contrary, BOAs are often one of the only ways SMBs can  get a  real look under the hood to uncover new strengths and opportunities for change. Oracle experts will bring all stakeholders to the table to find hidden pitfalls, reveal potential paths to change, and most importantly identify problem areas that the company just takes for granted.

Equipped with that knowledge, it’s much easier for SMBs to benchmark the potential impact of any new CPQ tools or cloud platforms. It also can help justify the investment in new tools against the opportunity cost of extending the life of aging processes and tools.

Oracle are experts at finding opportunities for growth and leading SMBs to transform their businesses. We’ve led hundreds of BOA workshops for businesses of all sizes, uncovering millions of dollars of opportunity and efficiencies. Oracle has refined this process through hundreds of sessions and by working within our own company to drive innovative ideas.

Guided by our outside perspective and expertise, we give SMBs a data-driven, defensible case to invest and transform your business.

Are your processes and tools working as hard as they could for you? Let Oracle find out with a Breakthrough Opportunity Analysis workshop.

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