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How Talent is Driving America's Fastest Growing Companies

Christiane Soto
Senior Marketing Manager - CX

Oracle and Inc. Media came together to survey present (and past) members of the Inc. 5000. We wanted to learn what is driving today’s leaders of America's fastest-growing companies.

And the results were very interesting.

Overwhelmingly, America’s SMBs are optimistic about their future, their growth, and their chances for success.

That optimism is the root cause of investments being made to bring on new talent to help them grow.

Interested in knowing more? To learn specifics and gain more insights, check out our on-demand webinar ― How Talent is Driving America's Fastest Growing Companies.

In this webinar, Steve Cox, Group Vice President, ERP / EPM Product Marketing at Oracle; Jon Gelberg, Executive Editor, Content Strategies with Inc. Magazine; along with special guest Steven Van Houten, CFO at The Rancon Group, discuss:

  • Central findings from the survey including the two primary reasons that SMBs attribute to their success (HINT: it has to do with finding the right talent and keeping customers happy)
  • That the key to making the Inc. 5000 has everything to do with being able to manage fast growth and that is dependent on being able to scale
  • How exactly the “right talent” is such a huge contributor to SMBs’ success

The key message of the survey (which is backed up by key Oracle customer, The Rancon Group) is that SMBs cannot just wait for growth to happen. A large majority of the Inc. 5000 are already moving into new markets (and they plan to do more). So take the first step today.

Check out our on-demand webinar and get ready to GO for growth!

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