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How Flexagon Got Better, Faster with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure

Stephanie Hlavin
Principal, Content Marketing

Flexagon provides a DevOps platform for continuous delivery and release automation that helps companies of all sizes automate the entire build, deploy and release lifecycle, and improve the productivity and quality of software development.

As an Oracle customer and partner, it’s critical that Flexagon derive ongoing value from their Oracle cloud investment. We sat down with Flexagon president, Dan Goerdt to learn more about his experience with moving from an extensive on-prem environment to a hybrid cloud/on-prem model.

Q. You’ve said that in the past, Flexagon was spending too much time and money on infrastructure issues, specifically provisioning and maintaining infrastructure. How have you addressed that?

A. That’s correct. Years ago, FlexDeploy, our automation platform, and our test environments were primarily deployed on-prem. Given the nature of the product, we required many test environments with myriad different operating systems, Oracle, open-source, and other commercial tools and technologies. With the number and complexity of environments, we found that managing on-prem was prohibitive.

We knew all too well the challenges associated with software delivery: cost – too much; speed – too slow; delivery – too many errors and too much risk. Remaining an on-prem shop would only prevent us from delivering to our customers what we wanted and needed to achieve in-house: faster time-to-market and reduced costs by way of automation. So with that in mind, we moved to Oracle Cloud.

Q. Did that help; if so, how?

A. Yes. We knew to achieve automation at scale, to accelerate delivery, improve quality and reduce cost, we needed a cloud-first approach. We began the shift to hybrid cloud by implementing Oracle Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Oracle Platform as a Service (PaaS). The payoff here has been the one-two punch of allowing us as an organization to reap the benefits of the cloud and then pass on those efficiencies straight to our customers.

Q. What kinds of efficiencies?

A. Combining the automation power of FlexDeploy with Oracle Cloud streamlined the entire provisioning/dev/test process and enabled much quicker and more cost-effective software delivery – again, for both Flexagon’s internal processes and our customers.

We’ve increased our speed and agility. We can spin up test environments very quickly; we’ve reduced cycle time for releases and fixpacks and reduced distractions, helping us focus on what we do best. In just the past 18 months, we’ve delivered 6 major releases and 12 minor releases. And we’ve accomplished this while maintaining a 9.8 (out of 10) customer satisfaction rating.

Q. Were there any surprises along the way or after you moved to Oracle Cloud?

A. A pleasant surprise has been the extent to which we saved time and cut costs. We’ve reduced the cost of managing our infrastructure by 33%. With metered services, we pay only for what we use. We can utilize resources much more effectively. Oracle Cloud Infrastructure allows us to spin up and shut down at will and with ease, without any ticking clock.

We’re not in the infrastructure business, we’re in the development business. Because we are more efficient, we can be more innovative. We’ve seen this show up as a 50% decrease in time spent troubleshooting infrastructure issues. This has translated into four full-time employees being able to move to software development – not support. And that value is compounded. Talented software developers and engineers are in demand and recruiting and retaining good people is expensive. Now that we can focus on what we do best, our employees are happy and that pays dividends for the entire company.

If you’d like to hear more about how Flexagon relies on Oracle Cloud to help them speed software delivery, reduce costs, and improve quality and agility, watch the webcast, “Flexagon & Oracle: The Path to Faster, Better, Cheaper.”

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