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How Can Your SMB Modernize Customer Experience?

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For years, Oracle has built the tools that lay the foundation of great enterprise customer experience (CX). But delivering and an efficient, valuable CX is becoming increasingly important for a small-to-medium business (SMB), which is why Oracle developed ERP Cloud, the perfect partner for business modernization and future-proofing enterprise resource planning (ERP) and management.

Oracle ERP Cloud contains all the automatic connections and integrations SMBs need to succeed, unifying sales, service, financials and supply chain management (SCM) in a single cloud tool. ERP Cloud stands out among cloud platforms for SMBs, allowing you to streamline customer experience (CX) and improving employee efficiency by removing the tedious, repetitive tasks that drag them down.

We know that customer expectations are changing, and companies can't afford to use yesterday's tools to deliver a fragmented experience. Modern customers demand personalized experiences – yet SMBs often lack the tools to deliver the promise of a unified CX.

As Brian Solis states, "Business buyers don't go to work and forget what they do as humans. There's a new normal that blurs the line between B2B and B2C. They just want things personalized. More successful companies are looking and prioritizing things like understanding customers' evolving behaviors and preferences to design more meaningful engagement opportunities."

Oracle ERP Cloud gives any growing business the tools to meet the demands of those evolving behaviors, tying together service, sales, procurement and more. Rather than leaving customers frustrated, Oracle ERP Cloud gives its SMB users a way to create:

  • Unified CX – A leading-edge SMB can no longer afford to have separate sales and service departments. Individual customers expect individualized and streamlined service at every moment in their customer journey.
  • Give Customers Control Over Experience – A unified cloud ERP allows SMBs to exceed customer expectations, offering the self-service and cross-channel experiences that modern customers demand.
  • Make Every Interaction Smarter – Machine learning (ML) within a modern ERP means your system is always learning and optimizing for smarter decisions in real time. Beyond delivering stronger customer experience, AI gives guidance for high-growth companies on how to win new business.
  • Customer Experience for the Future – Oracle Engagement Cloud effectively eliminates vendor fragmentation and removes the need for complex, ever-changing integrations. By consolidating financials, analytics, SCM and other critical functions, Oracle ERP Cloud helps your organization stay agile and efficient, no matter how it grows.
  • Streamline Employee Engagement – SMBs organizational efficiency as much as the enterprise. ERP gives employees the tools to efficiently manage CX from a single platform, freeing them from inefficient and monotonous routines.

In today's fast-paced environment, customers won't simply tolerate a painful customer experience. Rather than waiting for them to run to your competitors, a small-to-medium business (SMB) can get ahead of the curve by adopting Oracle ERP Cloud, a one-stop solution built for modern companies.

Learn what Oracle ERP Cloud can do for your customer experience.

Ambar Castillo, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Oracle CX

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