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How AI and Chatbots Are Transforming the SMB Workplace

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By Dan Brooks, Product Marketing Manager, Mobile, Oracle

Many large Oracle customers already are exploring the use of AI-powered chatbots to better engage with consumers, from Exelon, to National Pharmacies, to Bajaj Electricals. But can intelligent, conversational interfaces also help small and medium businesses (SMBs) to improve internal processes and employee productivity, as well as help their employees with everyday business tasks? Turns out, the answer is "yes!"

Take a look at what some of Oracle's own teams currently are doing with the help of artificial intelligence (AI). In Oracle Sales Cloud, the team has invested in a "virtual sales assistant," which is an AI-powered assistant designed to help Oracle sales personnel increase daily productivity. Machine learning is used to determine the next best actions for each salesperson (such as recommending when the right time is to follow up with a customer), and natural language processing allows each associate to communicate, and interact, with the assistant in a conversational manner. As a result, a salesperson can pull up any CRM record, business intelligence report, or the transaction data of any sale simply by asking the intelligent chatbot either through text or through voice, like one might with Siri or Alexa. The Virtual Sales Assistant can also surface daily calendar information, set and show task reminders, highlight current news about specific customers or competitors, schedule meetings, and allow the associate to enter call reports, all from within the confines of the chatbot messaging conversation. All of this could prove to be very useful for an on-the-go sales team member, who is juggling multiple accounts, at a small business.

Check out the video with Oracle Sales Cloud VP Catherine You:

Oracle HCM Cloud also is incorporating AI and chatbots into its daily routines for talent recruitment. Oracle Group VP Nagaraj Nadendla is responsible for Oracle's Talent Acquisition Cloud, which helps to find, engage and hire top talent. Nadendla says that his team is focused on using AI in three important areas: 

  • First, to use AI to provide prospective employees with a personalized candidate experience. 
  • Second, to use AI-powered chatbots to help candidates discover relevant information and to answer any questions that they might have as they make a decision as to whether the company in question is the right company for them.
  • Lastly, to use machine learning to match potential candidates with open roles that the candidates may excel in and may enjoy, but for which they may initially not have considered applying. 

All of these features could prove to be very helpful to smaller HR departments as they compete with larger enterprises for top talent.

Watch the video with Oracle Group VP Nagaraj Nadendla:

To learn more about Oracle Intelligent Bots, visit oracle.com/bots.

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