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Fast Growing Startup Booster Fuels Changes Habits at the Gas Pump

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Startup Booster Fuels delivers gasoline and diesel, sending its signature purple trucks to fill up cars while their owners are at work. “The high-level pitch is: We’re on a mission to bring the gas station to you,” says CTO Diego Netto, who cofounded the company four years ago in San Mateo, California.

Corporate campuses and giant service fleets have “all these vehicles in one spot all day,” he says. “Why are they paying salaried employees to drive to the gas station and swipe a card?” Shortening the supply chain for gasoline isn’t just more convenient for consumers. It has the potential to eliminate at least a few steps in the hazardous process of delivering fuel. Using a smartphone app, customers can order a tank of gas (which the company calls a “boost”) while they’re parked at work.

Courtesy of Booster Fuels

Just as most customers haven’t given much thought to how they get their gasoline, many small and medium businesses (SMBs) don’t spend too much time contemplating which cloud to deploy their software to. But as it has grown, Booster Fuels has disrupted its own cloud pipeline—and discovered a better choice from a vendor just down the road.

The connection to Oracle was serendipitous. Booster Fuels had been serving customers in the parking lots of Oracle headquarters in Redwood Shores, California, but Netto was still working under the outdated view of Oracle as exclusively a Java and database company. “I started to realize there are some really entrepreneurial people at that company—and they are fighting a perception problem,” he says. “It would be cool to be a part of that.”

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By Alexa Weber Morales, Editor and Content Strategist, Developer Advocacy, Oracle

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