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Confessions of a Startup: How To Win Enterprise Customers

Sasha Banks-Louie
Brand Journalist

Startup Toonimo launched its audio-visual “guidance platform” in 2013, with the promise of making it easier for consumers to complete complex tasks on websites without human assistance.

Early adopters included small and midsize insurance companies and banks that lacked the support staff to guide their customers through complex policies, claim forms, and credit applications. But Toonimo struggled to attract large enterprise customers—a segment essential to its long-term growth, says CEO Dan Kotlicki.

To further help build that base, Toonimo joined the Oracle Startup Cloud Accelerator program in 2017, getting access to Oracle’s huge network of bank, telecom, and insurance company customers worldwide. And because the program offers Toonimo free credits for Oracle cloud services, the company was able to migrate its cloud software services onto Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

“Oracle’s startup program not only gives us access to more enterprise customers,” Kotlicki says, “but it also provides us with an enterprise-grade infrastructure to help us scale our business.”

Toonimo CEO Dan Kotlicki

Toonimo’s platform can also capture user data, such as which web pages were visited and what feedback was provided. After each user session, the platform pushes the encrypted data through an API and stores it in Oracle Cloud Infrastructure.

Customers can then pull that cloud-based user data into a dashboard so they can see how many users completed a walkthrough, how many abandoned it, and how long those users remained on a particular page. “These analytics teach us how to improve our platform, while informing our clients how they can reconfigure their walkthroughs for all sorts of different scenarios,” Kotlicki says.

One of the biggest benefits of running Toonimo on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure, he says, is its compliance with many standard security protocols and certifications, making it easier for the company to land enterprise accounts, particularly in the highly regulated financial services, healthcare, and telecom industries. Among Toonimo’s enterprise customers are HSBC, BNY Mellon, and Stanford University. “With Oracle’s built-in security features,” Kotlicki says, “we have a lot more confidence in our ability to attract enterprise customers, and a greater capacity to keep their trust.”

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