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A Look Back at 2018’s Top 10 SMB Blogs

Christiane Soto
Marketing Manager - SMB

As the holiday season ends, a new season begins – the “Top 10 List of XXX of 2018.” We love our lists. We always have. Otherwise, how could you explain the popularity of America’s Top 40 Countdown, and popular lists that include “Top 10 Most Useful College Degrees” or “Top Jobs Artificial Intelligence (AI) Cannot Take Away From Humans or “10 Strange Things Found Underwater.”

With that in mind, we would like to introduce another Top 10 list of our most popular blogs, specially designed for high-growth companies and the people who run them.

So let’s get started:

1. GDPR: The High Cost (and Risk) for Noncompliance ― On May 25, 2018, the European Union’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) went into effect. While this regulation is aimed at giving European Union (EU) citizens more control over their personal data and identifiable information, GDPR has far-reaching implications for small-to-medium and midsize businesses based outside of the EU. Hence this blog’s ranking at the most popular Oracle SMB blog in 2018.

2. What Happens When SMBs Switch from AWS to Oracle? ― There is a common misperception that Oracle cloud solutions are suited only for large, billion-dollar enterprises. Not so. Check out this blog to hear from the people who are running small-to-medium businesses (SMBs) and are using Oracle Cloud solutions to do so. Find out what some of these SMBs discovered after switching from AWS to Oracle and taking the jump from on-prem to the Oracle Cloud.

3. How to Transform Your Growing Business with Emerging Technologies ―”Emerging technologies” and “transformative technologies” have quickly become the trendy new words of 2018. But behind these words lie some potent capabilities to provide new forms of value and to create a value proposition that keeps competitors at bay. This blog resonated with SMB leaders, who clicked through to read about a practical path to artificial intelligence (AI) adoption.

4. How to Sell Company Culture in 2018 and Why It’s Important ― One of our first blog posts of 2018, by our “culture expert” Jason Richmond, turned out to be one of our most popular posts. Culture is what differentiates your SMB, and the idea of defining and nurturing company culture has been gaining traction at organizations across the globe. But the problem comes with getting information about your culture out the “information superhighway” and get it in front of employees and customers? In other words, how do you sell it?  Jason tells you how.

5. 4 Benefits of Digital Transformation with Oracle Cloud ― “Digital transformation” has been a buzzword for a long time. However, many SMB (and enterprise) executives have their own definition of what digital transformation means, and some do not understand the meaning of the phrase at all. Therefore, many people have been clicking on this blog to find out how to take advantage of transformational technologies to innovate and stay ahead of all the external changes that are (and will be) happening.

6. 3 Awesome Emerging Technologies That Will Revolutionize HROracle HCM Cloud has been working with emerging technologies—namely predictive analytics— for almost a decade. Recently though, we have taken another giant step forward by incorporating artificial intelligence-powered chatbots, machine learning (ML), knowledge management, smart onboarding, etc. into Oracle HCM Cloud applications. The goal is to provide HR professionals, recruiters, and candidates with the same smooth, intuitive user experience that they receive through their personal digital devices. And HR professionals came flocking to learn more.

7. There is a Simple Reason Spreadsheets Are Not Good for Planning ― In many companies, spreadsheets still rule supreme. No one will deny that spreadsheets have had a tremendous impact on business. Since they appeared on desktop computers, they have become the finance professional’s go-to for pretty much everything. They changed how the game was played. However, today they are one of the slowest, most error-prone, least flexible ways to do financial planning, budgeting, and forecasting. Using ERP Cloud plus spreadsheets is not a sustainable solution as the company grows, for one simple reason. Read this blog to find out.

8. 4 Reasons Why Your Cloud Journey Doesn't End with SaaS  ― If your small-to-medium sized business (SMB) has made the switch to the cloud, running various Software as a Service (SaaS) solutions in your organization, you are now probably looking to see if you are getting the maximum benefit possible out of SaaS. No? Well, connecting your cloud and third-party applications (both SaaS and on-premises) and extending your application investments with the latest technology innovations are some of the different ways your growing company can maximize the benefits.

9. 3 Ideas to Make Your Financial Close More Efficient ― One of our most popular regular contributors, Ken Judd, adds some of his insight to our top 10 list with this blog. Having been through hundreds of monthly, quarterly, and year-end closing at a variety of SMBs, Ken knows how painful the process can be.  With all that in mind, he provides three ideas to make your financial close process much more efficient.

10. Podcast Series: Insights from the Cloud ― Welcome to your doorway to the Oracle Cloud Café. This podcast series brings you the latest updates about modernization, transformation, partners, and product experts.  Know you need to modernize and transform, but just not sure how to take that first step?  Well, tune in to find out.

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