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A Chat About the Returns Achieved when Integrating CPQ Cloud and Commerce Cloud

Christiane Soto
Senior Marketing Manager - CX

We recently talked with Mike Christancho, Director of Solutions Consulting, and Gurvinder Singh, Head of Commerce Cloud Practice at TAISTech (a Mastek Company), about their thoughts and experiences with Oracle Commerce Cloud and Oracle CPQ Cloud and the impact that these two solutions had on their growing business.

Mike, how do think the perception of cloud applications changed in the last couple of years?

I'd say two, three, four years ago a lot of CEOs would say, "We need to have on-premise, we need to control it. We don't think SaaS is extensible for our business." That's completely incorrect. In 2019, now you're seeing even more functionality and features within cloud software that can really grow the business.

So Mike, to continue along that line of thinking…what would you say are the biggest advantages of using Oracle Commerce Cloud (OCC) and Oracle CPQ Cloud together?

The main advantage of OCC and CPQ together is that you can provide a valid self-service mix for your customers. They can log onto your platform, they can check orders, inventory, they can configure products, etc. So a lot of these self-service “pieces” allow them to be agile on the go.

Think about it this way—if you're a distributor and/or manufacturer and you're selling large parts, someone may need one single washer for whatever unit. They probably are not quite sure what size they need. You can provide that information for them, because you know what they purchased in the past. It is as simple as saying, "I know you've purchased this in the past, the washer that you are looking for is ABC, and we'll add that to cart for you and ship it right out.

You can drive them to your commerce site, which is constantly working 24/7. This allows your large sales teams to hit the road, looking for opportunities. As far as agent costs, you're not having to deploy those resources to resolve orders or key orders in. Everything is automatic. Everything is at your customer's fingertips, and so there's a lot of cost savings.

Would you agree with that Gurvinder?

Everyone is heading to the cloud. For CPQ, it supports self-service for quotes and configurations to the end customers, when it jointly works with Oracle Commerce Cloud. It's like a golden mix.

The customers on the commerce site can leverage the product configurations, the customizations, or the complex products that are needed for a self-service quote. Everything is in the hands of the customers; they can take the benefit out of the integration of those two systems.

TAISTech experiences huge cost savings by providing self-service capabilities. Customers get what they want, and sales teams can do what they do best.

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