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A Chat About ‘Hyper-Personalized’ Loyalty Marketing Using Oracle Responsys

Sasha Banks-Louie
Brand Journalist

Rafael Dives does more than manage KidZania’s global loyalty marketing program, he also helps the run the company’s Ministry of CitiZenship, processing paZZports for the millions of kids that visit KidZania’s 27 vocational-style theme parks every year. We caught up with Dives at Oracle Modern Customer Experience 2019, and found out just what it takes to turn casual park visits into long-term CitiZen advocates.

So, what is KidZania, who are its citiZens, and what’s a paZZport?

KidZania is an indoor simulated city, letting kids from 1 to 14 years old role-play in hundreds of different jobs while earning kidZos, the currency of KidZania. Once kids and their parents enter the park and pass through a security scan, kids can visit the immigration office and obtain their “paZZports.

How does KidZania’s loyalty marketing program work?

We’re not just an amusement park, we operate as a nation and our loyalty program revolves around giving kids citizenship. Based on the number of visits and the types of activities kids complete in the park, KidZania offers three levels of citizenship—naturalized, distinguished and honorable—each with its own set of job opportunities, salaries, and discounts. After children become “honorable CitiZens" they earn the opportunity to run for CongreZZ, KidZania’s legislative body that is governed by 20 young people who meet quarterly at a regional park to voice their opinions about current global trends and how they feel about the services currently being offered at KidZania. 

Describe one of the most profound insights you’ve gleaned from your loyalty-marketing program.

One of the things we’ve learned is that most kids visit the park because of word of mouth. So our loyalty program is now heavily focused on building KidZania advocates.

What were some of the struggles you had when you were first getting these advocacy campaigns off the ground?

Sending mass emails and generic newsletter blasts often fell flat, and we really struggled to personalize messages to parents who had more than one kid. We saw opening rates and click-through rates drop, and we found ourselves competing head-on against every other amusement park lobbying for a family’s time.

How did you address these problems to execute more effective loyalty marketing programs?

Rather than just blasting out one standard version of KidZania’s newsletter via email, we’re using Oracle Responsys to customize content based on children’s CitiZen status, activity interests, or how long it’s been since they last visited a park. 

Sometimes the most effective message is as simple as, ‘Hi Juan and Karla, you need just 10 more stamps to achieve Honorable CitiZen status, which will make you both eligible to run for CongreZZ."

Besides personalizing marketing messages, what else do you use Oracle Responsys for?

We’re using Oracle Responsys to conduct A/B testing on its email subject lines to gauge which messages resonate the most with parents. The park is for the kids, but all of our loyalty communications are for the parents.

Why was it important for you to choose a product like Oracle Responsys?

We offer a lot more than just a playground. We’re a place where kids learn about values, about how to be good citizens in the real world. These are the most important attributes of KidZania, which are the foundation of our communication with parents and they’re the reasons why we are so selective about our messaging.

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