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5 Tips from CX Experts for the Motivated Small-to-Medium Business

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Article originally posted on SmarterCX.com

"The fact that so many organizations understand the importance of CX to the brand, but are unable to deliver outcomes that meet or exceed customer expectations is indicative of the growing need for fresh approaches to delivering more positive outcomes for customers," says Augie Ray, research director at Gartner in an article for Business Wire.

Developing and implementing a customer experience (CX) strategy can feel particularly overwhelming for a small-to-medium business (SMB) with the best intentions but might not know where to begin. We asked a group of CX heroes who attended Modern CX 2018 for advice on how they'd guide those who are just beginning on a path to create exceptional customer experiences.

Watch our video, and take a moment to read their tips, which are perfect for the small-to-medium business owner looking to invest in customer experience (CX) in the year ahead.

1. Focus On Customer Experience in What You Deploy

"If I was mentoring somebody, I think the biggest piece of advice I would give them about being successful in deploying customer experience is to make sure you're focusing on customer experience in what you deploy. If your entire outlook and your attitude toward how you interact with your customers is focused on their experience of working with you, you are going to set them up best for how they are then going to take that, and pass that onto their experience with their customers."

– Michael Taylor, CTO, BPI OnDemand

2. Approach Strategy and Implementation with Baby Steps

"If you're just getting started in customer experience, I think the most important thing is to understand you have to take a crawl, walk, run approach. You cannot do it all at once. There is no company that has unlimited time or resources or budget, and so you have to look at: What are the priorities? Where do we start today so that we are in a better place than we were yesterday? And then, developing a roadmap on how you're going to move forward."

– Brandi Starr, COO, Tegrita Consulting Group

3. Break Large Goals Into Smaller, More Manageable Ones

"Break it down into manageable chunks, so it's smaller goals — something that you can take on very easily and execute really well on. You can't build Rome overnight. You have to make sure that you break things down into manageable chunks and just keep working with that, and executing day after day. That will ultimately lead you to that end goal."

– Dan Cohen, Marketing Automation/Operations Manager, MongoDB

4. Be Confident and Embrace Questions

"Don't be afraid to ask a question. Don't be afraid that you're going to be the one who just didn't find it in the documentation, and somebody's going post a link, and you'll feel bad, because you wasted their time. Just do it. You'll learn that the people who are trying to help are people who started just where you are."

– Jessica Campbell, Program Manager – Customer Experience, Brother International Corporation

5. Hear Your Customers to Identify Their Needs

"Listen to the customer. Understand what their needs are, understand what they're trying to accomplish, and then design and propose solutions that meet what they're trying to accomplish."

– Kevin Sherwood, Founder/CEO, Helix Business Solutions

No matter where you start with your customer experience (CX) strategic plans, know that a small-to-medium business (SMB) has all the tools it needs to succeed. By focusing on what you already know about your customers, you can begin to make small improvements to make their journeys more enjoyable.

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