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11 Sensational Benefits a Complete Service Solution Provides

Christiane Soto
Marketing Manager - SMB

At Oracle, we make our customers (and their customers) the focus of everything we do. We work to provide the right customer experience (CX) applications, foundational cloud technologies, and best practices to help our growing customers stay profitable. And we have the customer stories to prove it.  The key to that success is helping our small-to-medium business (SMB) customers measure their business outcomes.

We worked with many of our Oracle Service Cloud customers to gather data points around customer service excellence and the tangible benefits they experienced in the areas of:

  • Self-service enablement
  • Contact center efficiency
  • Customer service quality
  • Proactive engagement

Based on the customer data we collected, average improvements (over the course of three years) from Oracle Service Cloud were impressive.

Self-Service Enablement

Today’s customers decide how and when they will engage with a company; therefore, providing self-service options is critical to delivering modern, top-quality customer service. With Oracle Service Cloud, companies experienced:

  1. 45 percent improvement in self-service rates via the web; 27 percent through chat, and 17 percent via  email
  2. 26 percent reduction is inquiries that required agent interaction via phone calls and 25 percent reduction via email
  3. 13 percent improvement in knowledge ratings

Contact Center Efficiency

Thanks to Oracle Service Cloud, our customers were able to improve operational efficiency and increase agent utilization. Some examples include:

  1. 30 percent reduction in service handle time over email; 21 percent reduction through chat, and 16 percent via phone calls 
  2. 33 percent improvement in contact center agents’ productivity
  3. 45 percent reduction in agent training and onboarding costs 

Customer Service Quality

Companies cannot control how and when their customers engage, but they can control how to respond on their customers’ preferred channel. With Oracle Service Cloud, our customers experience a:

  1. 15 percent improvement in the number of first contact resolutions utilizing phone calls and a 6 percent reduction via email
  2. 53 percent improvement in response time with chat and a 43 percent improvement over email
  3. 7 percent improved in agent quality by providing them with the right tools and information

Proactive Engagement

The modern service experience requires that companies monitor their customer’s use of services and proactively engage them to support and advise them along their journey. Oracle Service Cloud customers were able to switch from a reactive to a proactive mode and

  1. Improve e-commerce shopping cart conversion rates by 10 percent
  2. Increase customer satisfaction by 17 percent


Today’s modern customer service organizations can help companies support their customers and focus their service strategy on areas with the greatest impact. With Oracle Service Cloud, growing small-to-medium businesses can do just that in a simplified and optimized way while proactively pushing relevant communications, anticipating future needs, personalizing all engagements―all to monetize all opportunities and maximize operating profits. To learn how Oracle Service Cloud can help your growing SMB achieve similar results, chat with an Oracle Service Cloud expert.

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