Wednesday Jan 27, 2010

One last entry

Don't know if there will be another chance to blog as a Sun employee. So, here it is.
Even though I joined Sun in 1997, I have been using Sun products since 1991. Will miss you 'Sun'.

Wednesday Apr 16, 2008

Techies Protest against OOXML - Update

There was indeed a candle light vigil. Source The Hindu.

Tuesday Apr 15, 2008

Indian techies protest against OOXML

Interesting read. From The Hindu newspaper. Here is the link.

Monday Sep 24, 2007

India wins world cup

This is cricket Twenty20 world cup. The final was against arch rivals Pakistan. This cant get any better. The last time these two teams met ended in a 'tie' and India won through a novel way of tie-breaker called 'bowl out'. The final too threatened to go the same way with India taking the last wicket in the last over of the match.

Well done India. Well done Dhoni, the new captain and all players. You made my day and week.

Tuesday Sep 11, 2007

My new laptop

Last week our team got couple of new laptops. Sony Vaio VGN-FZ17G.
Looks shiny and sleek. It came loaded. Core2 Duo @ 2.00 GHz, 2GB RAM,
160G Disk, Vista Home Premium. The battery life sucks though. With the
default power plan of Vaio Optimized, just about 40 mins of battery
backup. May be it will give more with power saver plans.

Coming to the main story - with the help of GParted, resized the Vista
partition. Then started installing Nevavda build 72. I was all worked
up eager to see Caiman installer at work. Alas, no such luck. Looks
like the Nvidia GeForce 8400M GT card was not supported by the bundled
driver in nv_72. So, I had to endure one more session of the familiar
blue/green console installer.

First thing I did was to create a ZFS pool and had /opt in ZFS (is
this safe?). Next, downloaded and installed Nvidia latest driver,
which worked beautifully. Now Xorg is running at the native 1280x800
resolution. Strangely, my Wifi is working but not my ethernet port.

These will be my next steps. Get the ethernet working (Marvell Yukon).
Install Compiz Fusion (thanks Erwann), Second Life for Solaris (thanks
Dana). Install Sun Studio 12 (I have to get back to work, dont I?);
Coolstack. The others will be TBD later. Sound is not working, but
this will be my lowest priority though.

Thursday Aug 16, 2007

Code For Freedom - Calling all India colleges

Well, the timing cant have been better. On the day India celebrates her 60th year of independence, Sun India has announced Code For Freedom.

Wish this happened when I was still in my college (Anna University) so that I can participate in this event. Any one remember what was the name of the x86 OS that Sun (interex???) had before the Solaris  x86 port? Well, Anna Univ had that and I had done my project on that box.

Good luck to all the participants!!

Tuesday Jul 17, 2007

10 @ Sun

The title should say '10 @ Sun; 15 w. Sun'. When I joined Larsen and Toubro (L&T) in 1992, little did I know that those pizza boxes named SparcStation1 and Sun 3/xx (Motorola CPUs??) were made by a company that I was going to work for in about 4 years time. It was fun playing with SS1, writing Postscript programs that directly draws on the root window. The 3 series was running Sunview (I am sure quite a few would remember this GUI). My impression is that it was as fast and responsive as I it is currently on my Ultra 20 running GNOME ;)
It had been a roller coaster ride with Sun. I had moments of extreme happiness (probably the news that Sun stock was doing $120+) and also the complete opposite. I had been with Sun IT doing application development, later doing system administration with ITOps, and now am with engineering teams.
I greatly admire Sun as a company and cant think of working with any one else. I am afraid I will be too much biased to work any where else. The freedom that you get here is awesome. One has to work at Sun to believe and feel it. I am proud to be part of Sun's efforts, with open source in particular.
I hope I will be around to write '15 @ Sun' and '20 @ Sun'. Thanks to all my colleagues who has been making my life at Sun a great one. Thank you Sun.

Tuesday Jan 03, 2006

First post - Daily Links

Hello world! (What else)

This is my first post. For filling up this text, I am listing some of the sites that I visit almost daily (after checking Sun mails, of course). (latest fav theme is VistaBut) (astronomy pic of the day)

Thats all for now, folks.




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