Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

The Value of Oracle Support for Siebel CRM

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

Now is the perfect timeto transform your Siebel CRM application and take advantage of new innovations in the latest releases, and maximize the potential from your CRM investment. 

Check out this video to see why its so important

Siebel CRM has a long term innovation roadmap beyond 2030 (don't believe everything you hear!), with annual innovation packs delivering many new features and also monthly patch sets. To stay current with latest innovations and patch sets, is no different from other software apps that we are used to today. The Siebel CRM cumulative monthly patching approach and annual releases present a more agile SaaS application style delivery so staying upto date with the latest Siebel CRM releases and with Oracle support plays a critical part with this positive thinking approach.

Upgrading Siebel CRM is now a lot quicker and more cost effective than you may think. You might be pleasantly surprised to know that some of our customers perform major upgrades in a matter of weeks by working with Oracle Consulting and our specialist partners. 




So what about Support?

There are 3 important reasons.

First, even though your Siebel installation may not change, the technology components around it may change. Do you ever install OS patches?, or migrate to different hardware? You may need Siebel patches to support those changes.

Second, Oracle regularly releases important security patches. These patches are tested across the entire platform stack – from applications to the operating system.

And Third, what would happen if you ever did have an outage? What would be the cost to your business if that outage was for an extended period of time?

Without Oracle support, you won’t have access to Siebel security patches, our huge support knowledge base, and you won’t be able to take advantage of all the great new features released annually. 

...and 3rd party Support? 

You may hear that 3rd party support providers can provide Siebel support at a much lower cost. But what do they really mean by “support”?

  • They don’t have access to the source code so they can’t provide fixes or enhancements to the core product.
  • They can’t distribute Oracle security patches or new Siebel releases.
  • They don’t have access to the vast support knowledge base that Oracle has.
  • And if your third party support provider can’t resolve an issue, what then?

Why trust your mission critical application to anyone other than Oracle?







Start here

If you’re looking to get the most out of your Siebel CRM support investment, a great place to start is with the “Get Proactive!” page on My Oracle Support, document ID #432.1

Also, why not contact your Support Renewal Representative directly, call 1 (888) 545-4577, ask about how you can Get Going! and transform your Siebel CRM application to realize new innovations and competitive advantages. 

Oracle Global Support Contacts





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