Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

Siebel CRM Strategy & Roadmap - 2020 - Highlights

George Jacob kicked off the Virtual Summit with this keynote session emphasizing Siebel CRM’s core message and roadmap, with guaranteed Oracle investment for at least the next decade. The session covered a series of impressive customer success stories, recent Innovations followed by Oracle’s go-forward strategy for Siebel CRM.

Customer Success

Among several customer success case studies available for 2020, the following few were highlighted:

Oracle’s contribution towards the fight against COVID-19

The Siebel CRM Clinical Trials solution (CTMS) is being used by major pharma companies and a lot of the COVID-19 clinical trials worldwide are run on Siebel CRM. GSK and Gilead Sciences are using the on-premise solution while Pfizer is already on Oracle cloud platform for COVID-19 trials. Other big names include Roche, Celgene, Sanofi, Bayer, Novartis, Merck and Incyte. We are proud to be playing a part with these leading organizations in the fight against the global pandemic.

Agile Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery Updates

Since May 2018, the deployment focus has been moved away from bulky upgrades and annual releases to more agile incremental monthly updates. A host of customers are already on the Continuous Release model and a fair number have begun with Siebel updates, where Rabobank leads the way announcing that they have achieved daily updates of Siebel CRM.

Extreme Scale

In the midst of the pandemic, with over 100+ staff working remotely under lockdown, Telkomsel was able to move over from a legacy system and go live with Siebel 19.10, in what is one of the largest Siebel CRM deployments ever. American Airlines moved several of their Siebel environments to OCI while under lockdown as well, thus reinforcing that Siebel’s latest release enables remote working and deployment at extreme scale. Siebel CRM is renowned for its ability to deliver enterprise CRM at extreme scale with more customer successes like Sberbank and General Motors.

Latest Innovations

We highlighted the major innovations that the Siebel CRM team have been actively working on where the focus has been predominantly on the following 8 functional areas:

Parallel Development – Siebel customers British Telecom, Spark NZ and Saudi Telecom Company are able to achieve parallel development by using Workspaces and doing large-scale agile releases, enabling massive reductions in operations and hardware costs.

Web Tools – The Siebel team continues to evolve Web Tools with new functionalities such as script debugger, task & workflow editors and simulators, thereby improving agility and developer productivity.

Seamless Updates – With Siebel’s “always on - zero downtime” initiative, updating the application has become as seamless and coherent as ever. Canon Europe was able to achieve a 96% reduction in downtime going from 4 hours to just 10 minutes, while die Mobiliar reduced downtime to 1 hour from 8 hours, and of course we already saw that Rabobank has managed to achieve daily updates of Siebel CRM.

Automation – Refine Test Automation and Rest API infrastructure which is now available for CI/CD components.

Containers – A key part of Siebel CRM’s 2020 strategy is the continued investment in deploying Siebel CRM as Docker containers on Kubernetes. Containerization simplifies the deployment process and allows for rapid deployment and installation in under 15 min. As a result of using Docker and Kubernetes, T-Mobile dramatically reduced their hardware resources by 75% along with 40% & 50% reduction in maintenance & operations costs respectively. Spark NZ and Lufthansa Cargo are other big examples who were able to reduce TCO with containers.          

Open UI – Siebel CRM’s modern UX framework provides for a flexible UX with deep customizations, allowing users to create tailor-made interfaces. One of the major achievements comes from die Mobiliar who was able to increase productivity by 75% with Open UI. They are joined by other big customers namely, American Airlines, Sibur, Emirates Bank, Tele2, General Medical Council, Idea Port Riga and finally, Oracle itself just released in 20.9 a new smartphone UX for Siebel CRM on phone, adopting the latest Redwood theme.

Cloud Infrastructure – There’s an increased focus in moving Siebel CRM to Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI), to complement private, public or hybrid clouds. This augmentation recognizes obvious business benefits and an enormous reduction in TCO.

Extreme Scale – Siebel CRM continues to deliver extreme performance, scalability and reliability. Big examples include Emirates Bank with 15k concurrent users who was able to consolidate three Siebel installations into a single instance; Centers for Medicaid & Medicare Services (CMS), having over a billion activity records, successfully upgraded their application in only 4.5 months; British Telecom, with a massive 10 TB of data, was able to reduce planned downtime by 90% post-upgrade.


In addition to the latest innovations, Oracle’s long-term vision for Siebel focuses predominantly on making Siebel CRM available as a set of Microservices, including through SaaS. Siebel as a Service, Siebel on Cloud, the new Redwood UX and the continued investment on extreme scale for both mission-critical applications and big data, will pave the way to achieve advanced customer user experiences and intelligence asks for this new digital era.

Key Takeaways

  • Siebel CRM’s recent innovations have delivered fantastic ROI and value to our customers.
  • Oracle has a clear strategy to guide Siebel CRM customers and help them to adopt Cloud solutions with minimum risk.
  • There’s a proven track record and customer success case studies justifying continued investment in the leading CRM application.

You can watch the entire webinar here or download the presentation here. You can also visit the events page to access all the other sessions.

If you would like to further accelerate your plans for Siebel CRM transformation, or want to provide feedback on our latest release, then please take the Siebel CRM Innovation Survey.

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