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  • November 17, 2017

Siebel CRM Roadshow - London & Utrecht Highlights

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

Last week saw the last two Siebel CRM Roadshow events of 2017; London and Utrecht.

Both events were extremely well attended and represented by organizations from Public Sector, Financial Services, Telecom, High Tech, Automotive, Consumer Goods and Retail industries as well as a host of Oracle partners.

One of our primary goals was to relay the latest strategic update for Siebel CRM and to demonstrate the new features coming in Siebel CRM 18 (Innovation Pack 2018), mirroring our announcements at OpenWorld a few weeks ago.

At the London Roadshow we learnt about the latest innovations, successes, and strategies from Colt Technologies and the National Police of Finland.

Colt Technologies has a worldwide CRM deployment to 2,500 users. They shared their latest Open UI innovation to create an intuitive UX for Product Configurator. With partners Boxfusion as an integral part of the UX design process, Colt now have a faster, streamlined UI process which improves productivity for their users. Also, by including a customer dashboard with infolet components, users now have a ‘single pane of glass’ view for all key information and statuses.

National Police of Finland use Siebel CRM for Criminal Case Management. The Siebel CRM application is a pivotal long-term and strategic part of a large IT system architecture incorporating over 100 different intelligence systems. It's a complex system with digital archiving, analytics, and data protection regulations along with the need to log and audit every user activity in the system (data access auditing).

The police also need to catalog the many types of digital content (e.g. speech, wearable body cameras, facial recognition, social media, ANPR and OCR object recognition) which are all necessary for digital evidence management. We also saw how they have used Open UI to create a simplified UX for handling criminal investigations. All in all, a fascinating insight into a national policing IT system built around Siebel CRM which they aim to keep relevant long into the future.

At the Utrecht Roadshow, we gained insight from Canon Europe and Rabobank, both sharing their forward thinking experiences with emerging technologies.

Canon Europe are using Siebel CRM for all of their Call Center and Field Service operations. Running release 16.x and leveraging the flexibility Open UIbrings, the Siebel CRM deployment has the following impressive configurations:

  • Tight integration with Oracle Policy Automation (OPA) in order to simplify the IoT end to end integration from connected Canon printers. When a Canon printer reports a fault, it interacts with Siebel CRM directly and OPA is then used to decide what should happen next according to an SLA policy. No human is involved in the process until the moment they have to fit the new part into the machine. This automated solution to preventive maintenance has saved the business millions already. Canon have been connecting their machines for IoT purposes for over a decade. OPA is also being used for warranty claims.
  • Oracle Realtime Scheduler is used to organise maintenance visits for Field Service engineers. As part of this process the have implemented clever processing in Siebel which verifies an SLA against a fault in order to calculate scheduling periods, and even takes into account a customers local business hours, holidays, and even siestas!.
  • There is also an integration to Oracle eBusiness Suite for back-office provisioning, Oracle Knowledge Advanced (Cloud) and the Siebel CRM Partner Portal application.

Rabobank shared their experience of process mining across the various cross-channel applications they use, including Siebel CRM, in order to analyze and identify the most efficient process journeys that could then be implemented to improve customer experience. To achieve this, data mined from various systems was loaded into Fluxicon in for analysis. One of the most time-consuming elements was data preparation to refactor Siebel CRM data into the appropriate format for Fluxicon, and secondly that customer specific data was not part of the process (which would improve the analysis).

It's great to see that Rabobank are going to such lengths in order to improve customer experience, utilising an analytical and tangible approach. This approach also directly correlates to our strategy for automation in Siebel CRM, with Process Discoverer able to extract the necessary data easily, pre-formatted so that other customers can easily implement their own process mining strategies.

Invisible Solutions showed us how CRM Desktop provides seamless integration between Outlook and Siebel CRM. This solution is widely used by Siebel customers, extending gains in productivity. Any Siebel CRM business entity can be exposed in Microsoft Outlook, making the association of emails and contacts with business processes in Siebel CRM a natural UX for Outlook users.

Image 1: Siebel CRM Roadshow in Utrecht

Along with the fantastic presentations from customers and partners, we demonstrated the modern developer experience available in release 17.0, followed by a peek at the visual designer and intuitive dashboards coming in release 18.0. We also saw Siebel Intelligent Chatbots.

GDPR is a hot topic at the moment. At our London event Oracle experts detailed where we can help our customers with their own GDPR analysis for Siebel CRM. For more information on GDPR go here.

The Siebel CRM application is adopting a more graphical and intuitive dashboard-style user interface with Oracle Data Visualization playing an important role for customers that already deploy OBIEE. A short demo illustrated how hybrid data sets can be combined and analysed in a quick and simple manner.

Delegates were also tasked to allocate 'Siebel Coins' against various features and innovations on the long term roadmap for Siebel CRM in order to indicate the most important for their CRM strategy.

Image 2: Siebel-coins, the next cryptocurrency?

One of the key initiatives from our Roadshow events is to ensure our product strategy and application delivery is in touch with and shaped by leading organizations around the world across many diverse industries. After reaching out to many of our customers and partners through 2017 across 25 global events, it's great to hear that the way our product is moving forward is well received and aligned to the CRM strategies of some of the largest organizations in the world.

On behalf of the Siebel CRM team, we look forward to meeting with our awesome customers and partners again at our 2018 events.


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