Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

Siebel CRM OpenWorld 2019

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

We hope to see you at OpenWorld this year, as always the Siebel CRM team will be running a number of innovative sessions and we will hear from our awesome customers and their success stories.

For members of our Customer Advisory Board (CAB) we will have our community event in the Grand Hyatt on the Sunday to kick off the conference, followed by a networking party at the Press Club.

Check out the Siebel CRM Focus guide and session schedule for OpenWorld

Here are the key Siebel CRM highlights for the conference agenda:

Siebel CRM OpenWorld 2019 Schedule

Sunday 15th September:

  • Siebel CRM CAB event (36th Floor, Sunset Rooms A&B, 345, Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA 94108, 0900-1600).
  • Siebel CRM Networking Event (Press Club, 20 Yerba Buena Ln, San Francisco, CA 94103, 1830-2130)
  • Register Here for the Siebel CRM CAB event

Monday 16th-19th September:

Siebel CRM Sessions

  • PRO5652 - Siebel CRM Strategy and Roadmap for Digital Transformation
    • Learn how Siebel CRM fits as a core component of Oracle's CX strategy, with best-of-breed product solutions and a rich innovation roadmap.
  • PAN5284 - Siebel CRM Customer Leadership Panel
    • Hear how leading global organizations focused on digital transformation use Siebel CRM today to lead markets, innovate and build competitive advantages.
  • PAN5653 - Enhanced Agility Realized with the latest Siebel CRM release
    • Find out about the latest Siebel CRM innovations that are enabling our customers to realize great benefits in business agility and reduced TCO.
  • PAN5654 - Gaining Industry Advantages with Siebel CRM innovation
    • The world's largest organizations use Siebel CRM to distinguish themselves within their industry. Hear from customers about their successful customer experience innovations related to specific Siebel CRM industry solutions.
  • PAN5655 - User Experience Design for Siebel CRM - Improve Adoption and Productivity
    • Are you wondering how to create fantastic UI in Siebel CRM to drive adoption, improve user experience and productivity? Attend this session and find out how companies have completed successful OpenUI projects as well as see our latest product innovations to enhance UX.
  • PAN5005 - Real World Siebel CRM Case Studies Delivering Accelerated ROI
    • Attend this session to hear how customers have successfully delivered increased value on their Siebel CRM investment with various projects in rapid time. Find out how Oracle’s Support and Partner eco-system worked to deliver ROI for these leading customers
  • CLS5657 - Interactive User Experience - Siebel CRM Smartphone application
    • Experience how users can receive instantaneous updates via the new Siebel CRM Smartphone application. You will see Siebel CRM running in the Cloud, configured in the Cloud and changes deployed in the Cloud then seamlessly made available to end users with zero downtime.
  • CLS5658 - Adopting Innovation Faster than Ever
    • Learn how the new Continuous Release Model allows Updates to be made to the Siebel CRM application via Docker containers in record time. We will show how a new Siebel CRM Update can be applied and the new Features tested in a sandbox before being merged into application delivery.
  • CLS5659 - Siebel CRM Burning Questions
    • Meet the Siebel CRM Experts and ask questions related to our product roadmap or your CRM strategy and implementation.
  • THT5660 - Continuous Delivery in the Cloud
    • Learn how to deploy and maintain your Siebel CRM application in the Oracle Cloud. Find out how Docker containers can be easily used to move between different Siebel CRM releases and apply updates - all in the Cloud.
  • THT5663 - Improving Customer Experience with Siebel CRM and the Oracle
    • CRM has evolved, improving Customer Experience (CX) was the top objective for 75% of companies. But how can this be achieved with Oracle's CX Suite to leverage existing data insights in Siebel CRM for new omni-channel CX solutions.
  • THT5661 - Scared to Upgrade - What's Stopping You?
    • Upgrading Siebel CRM and staying upto date with the new Continuous Release Model, is now easier, faster and cheaper than ever. So what's stopping you being at the cutting edge of Siebel CRM innovation?
  • THT5662 - Role Based Benefits of Siebel CRM
    • With so many new features and innovations released over the last few years - find out exactly how this has improved the application experience for Users, Architects, Administrators, Developers and Strategists.
  • Meet the Experts - Demo Lounge
    • Join us at the Demo Booth at time 11.00, 13.00, 15.00 to "Meet the Experts", have a 1:1 chat and also play "Who Wants to be a CIO"

On behalf of the Siebel CRM team at Oracle - we look forward to seeing you at OpenWorld 2019!

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