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Siebel CRM @ OpenWorld 2017

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

Siebel CRM @ OpenWorld 2017

As always there will be a large number of innovative sessions and customer success endorsements surrounding the Siebel CRM product at OpenWorld, and especially the enthusiasm around our recently released Innovation Pack 2017, and our future innovation roadmap.

This year we are also adding workshops and collaboration sessions where you can get more hands-on with the latest features of the product. Guided by our experts and collaborating with your industry peers, these sessions will enable you to think creatively and involved with Siebel CRM product ideation.

We also have our demo stations equipped with our latest software and our product development team keen to talk to you.

For our CAB customers we will also have our community event in the Grand Hyatt penthouse on the Sunday to kick off the conference, and on Tuesday, the product team are inviting our customers and partners to our networking event, complete with refreshments and the chance to play 'Bocce' on the outdoor playing court.

Click here to see the Siebel CRM 'Focus On' OpenWorld page and click here for the complete schedule of Siebel CRM sessions.

Here are the key Siebel CRM highlights for the conference agenda:

Siebel CRM OpenWorld 2017 Schedule

Sunday 1st October:

  • Siebel CRM CAB event (36th Floor, Sunset Rooms A&B, 345, Stockton Street, San Francisco, CA 94108, 0900-1700). Register here.

Monday 2nd-4th October:

Siebel CRM Sessions

  • GEN7139 - Siebel CRM Strategy and Roadmap(Vision, Innovation, Value)
    • The latest Siebel CRM roadmap and innovation strategy for 2018 and beyond.
  • CON7125 - The Future of Automation with Siebel CRM
    • Find out about the latest Siebel CRM innovations currently in development that embrace business process automation and machine learning
  • CON7133 - Siebel CRM Transformation - Leadership Panel
    • Hear from leading, global customers how they use Siebel CRM today to innovate and achieve market-leading status and competitive advantages
  • CON7135 - Revolutionize User Experience with Siebel CRM Open UI
    • Customer and partner success stories focused on superior user experience built in Siebel CRM using Open UI.
  • CON7136 - Achieving Extreme Agility with Siebel CRM
    • Attend this session to find out how customers are using innovations in Siebel CRM to improve their agility and time-to-market with agile Siebel release strategies.
  • CON7137 - Achieving Industry Leadership with Siebel CRM
    • Learn from your customers how they are utilizing Siebel CRM to distinguish themselves within their industry and are implementing long-term industry-specific strategies with Siebel CRM
  • CON7138 - Maximize your Customer Engagement with Siebel CRM
    • Hear from a diverse range of companies who are using Siebel CRM in innovative ways to succeed with omni-channel customer engagement 
  • CON6408 - Siebel CRM in the Cloud & Best Practices for Maintaining and Upgrading your Siebel CRM
    • Hear from our support experts about Siebel in the Cloud solutions and tips and tricks for maintaining and upgrading your CRM Application to the latest Siebel release.
  • Are You Prepared for the Next Evolution of Siebel CRM?
    • Find out how to maximise your Siebel CRM support with Oracle and ensure longevity for your application implementation and embrace future innovations such as machine learning and process automation.
  • FLP7769 - Business Process Automation of Siebel CRM
    • Join the Siebel development team in this hands-on session to experience the Business Process Automation journey that we are embarking upon. With a guided workshop, see how process flow data is being captured using the UPT framework and can be utilized for generating insights and actions.
  • FLP7796 - Siebel CRM in the Cloud
    • In this interactive hands-on session, find out how you can deploy Siebel CRM on Oracle Public Cloud and Oracle Bare Metal Cloud.
  • FLP7792 - 'Modern Developer Experience'
    • Guided by our development team, experience a real life working example of parallel development. Teams of developers will make real-time changes to the application and instant deployment using our latest product features.
  • MYC7793 - 'Design Your Own Customer 360 Dashboard'
    • Work in teams to create new ideas and create your own perfect Customer 360 Dashboard as well as find out about how other customers have built their own.
  • BQS7794 - 'Siebel CRM Burning Questions'
    • Meet the Experts - Informal Q&A with the team
  • BQS7795 - 'Siebel CRM Q&A'
    • Meet the Experts - Informal Q&A with the team

Tuesday 3rd October:

  • Siebel CRM Networking Event (The Hidden Vine, 408 Merchant Street, San Francisco, CA 94111, 1830-2130)


On behalf of the Siebel CRM team at Oracle - we look forward to seeing you at OpenWorld 2017!


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Comments ( 2 )
  • Rao Tuesday, October 3, 2017
    John- do you know when the presentations at OOW17 will be made available for general public to download?

    Thank you,
  • John Tuesday, October 3, 2017
    Hi Rao,

    Usually the session content is made available online after the conference finishes.

    Regards, John
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