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Siebel CRM now supported on the Oracle Autonomous Database

We are excited to announce that Siebel CRM is supported for the Oracle Autonomous Database.

Oracle Siebel CRM is certified on Oracle Autonomous Transaction Processing – Dedicated Infrastructure on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI) and on Oracle Cloud@Customer starting with the Siebel CRM 21.1 Release Update.

How do Siebel CRM applications benefit from the Oracle Autonomous Database?

Oracle Autonomous Database is a family of cloud services that redefines database management by using machine learning and automation to eliminate mundane maintenance tasks (provisioning, backups, updates, etc.) and manual tuning. It reduces cost and complexity while ensuring higher reliability, security and more operational efficiency for mission-critical databases.

Many production Siebel CRM application deployments are mission-critical requiring:

  • High availability
  • Security
  • Performance
  • Self-scaling due to the deployment of additional Siebel CRM applications like Siebel Loyalty, seasonal increased workloads, financial closing, etc. 

For our customers Siebel CRM applications on Oracle Autonomous Database will significantly:

  • Reduce the cost of operations making the deployment faster through elimination of manual tuning
  • Provide greater availability for end-users by having redundancy at all tiers
  • Automate the entire database management lifecycle

Provisioning the Oracle Autonomous Database will allow our customers to:

  • Focus on their innovation, responding faster to market and increasing their competitive edge
  • Reduce costs and risks

Oracle has stated long-term plans to support Siebel CRM on the Autonomous Database and as a result provide significant benefit to our customers. This now begins with the initial support for Siebel CRM on Oracle Autonomous Database Transaction Processing on dedicated Exadata Infrastructure, with a few manual steps and planned database maintenance with zero-downtime.

We also plan to improve the adoption process and support additional capabilities of the Oracle Autonomous Database with subsequent levels of support planned in the future.

How do you get started?

Please see the Technical White Paper - Deploying Oracle Siebel CRM Applications on Oracle Autonomous Database (Doc ID 2742847.1) to get started.

It provides guidelines for deploying Siebel CRM on the Oracle Autonomous Database Transaction Processing – Dedicated Infrastructure, which is referred to as "ADB" :

  • The first section of the paper is an introduction to ADB.
  • The second covers the benefits of deploying Siebel CRM on ADB with the Siebel CRM and Oracle version requirements.
  • The details that follow provide an overview of a Siebel CRM deployment on ADB including migration of the Siebel CRM database to ADB and configuration requirements.
  • The last section provides the best practices for running Siebel CRM on ADB.

You can refer the following links to understand more about the Oracle Autonomous Database:


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