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Siebel CRM Innovation Highlights for 2016

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

Siebel CRM Innovation

The Siebel CRM development team has had a very busy year! Let’s be honest - 2016 - has been a blockbuster in terms of innovation and engaging with our successful customers around the world.

We released Innovation Pack 2016 in May with a host of new features across UX, Portals, Mobile, Industry specific innovations and of course Agility.


Modern Agility

Agility is key focus for us at the moment as we want to leverage Cloud platforms for Siebel CRM and also make our applications the most agile to maintain, develop, test and work across hybrid platforms such as On-Premise and Cloud. Earlier this year we also announced Siebel CRM on Cloud, and as we continue to enhance this offering, we will see tremendous benefits and cost savings for our customers.

The Siebel Composer project has seen over 2 years of investment already and is reaching conclusion. We released our Developer Preview back in Innovation Pack 2015 (15.0), showcasing web tools and metadata configuration through the browser and no-SRF based deployment. In Innovation Pack 2016 (16.0), Workspaces were released (after being strenuously tested internally – as we used them to build 16.0), our developers love using Workspaces – it’s simplicity and developer autonomy has seen our own productivity increase substantially.

Big projects like Siebel Composer form the nucleus of our vision for agility in Siebel CRM, agility that extends beyond in-browser UI development, including web tools and workspaces, but to parallel development, test automation, open REST based APIs and dynamic application configuration and deployment – specifically designed for Cloud. We have a very clear vision and picture of where Siebel CRM business agility will be:


Innovation – Alive & Kicking!

We sometimes hear about rumors spread from our competitors or read in various other sources, that Siebel CRM innovation is in decline. This is quite laughable, really. On the contrary, our investments in transforming agility, cloud platform as well as the continuous enhancements to our Open UI and mobile framework solutions over the last few Innovation Packs are testament to this. We have publicly declared the continuous, committed Oracle Siebel CRM investment in innovation for years now on our website; also you can take a quick look at this video about the Value of Siebel

You can catch a glimpse of what features we delivered here in 15.0 and 16.0. Projects such as Siebel Composer are by no means trivial, these are highly ambitious and innovative features which will bring huge rewards for our customers and we do this because we want our customer to continue to be successful.

In fact, it’s much easier to just let our customer success stories illustrate that Siebel CRM has a long future and massive potential.

Customer Success

Most of our customers have been highly successful with our product since it was introduced over 20 years ago. 20 years of innovation – creating a deep and broad CRM application across 21 industries, that is impossible to replicate. We are in the fortunate position that we have so many great market-leading customers around the world achieving amazing results with our product.

In fact, success stories that our competitors would go crazy about! This year our team travelled around the world with our Siebel CRM Roadshow to engage with our customers – who themselves also shared their success stories – especially at Oracle OpenWorld. You can read about our Customer Success stories at OpenWorld here.

Our customers that follow our strategic path and work closely with us, believe in our product vision and continue to invest – they are successful and realize the return on their investment.

Investment Longevity

Our mission is to ensure Siebel CRM is the ultimate platform for enterprise CRM, enabling our customers to achieve their business goals – and incorporating the vast technological solutions required to do so. CRM and Customer Experience has exploded to now demand cloud big data solutions, IoT
device integration, machine learning and predictive analytics.

The union of these technological solutions will drive CRM into artificially intelligent data systems and Autonomous CRM.

With Siebel CRM our customers are in a perfect position to leverage their existing platform and adopt these new technologies at minimum risk and cost. Many times alternative cloud CRM solutions are talked about as the best solution but this is not always the case:

  • Complete shift to Cloud solutions can have high business risk of failure
  • Cloud solutions can be very expensive, and without the expected benefits
  • Cloud is not a one-size fits all, lack of deep end to end industry functionality

Many Siebel CRM customers have relied on their robust solution for years. When evaluating cloud as a potential option for their business, they often find large functional gaps and realize the tremendous cost that would be incurred when moving away from Siebel CRM. Alternatively, capital cost savings are realized with Siebel CRM on Cloud and our application is ideal to extend and adopt cloud solutions in a hybrid, integrated fashion. Lower risk, less disruption and a more sensible approach to extending CRM, adopting other software solutions.



Aside from adopting new technologies, with the Siebel CRM application we have also seen this year some fantastic examples of incredible and intuitive User Experiences created using the Open UI framework. We realize that all users are different, across diverse industries and organizations, and our UX strategy is to provide a flexible UI standards-based framework for which our customers can create their own user experience, it’s not to enforce a UI
solution on everyone that isn’t extendable. Taking on a small Open UI project can really transform the application and doesn’t have to be expensive.

Similarly with an upgrade project, it’s a myth now that Siebel CRM is expensive to upgrade – over 93% of our customers are on our latest releases (Innovation Pack 2014 and above), we also had customers presenting at OpenWorld that are already on our latest release 16.0, and that regularly apply our latest monthly patch sets to stay current.

Transforming business agility for the Siebel CRM application has been a necessity and for in 17.0 we will realize SaaS style application agility. We are also committed to adding core new features for our rich industry solutions and new features supporting UX, productivity and mobility.

Our team is here to help and just like with all business critical software applications, it’s vitally important to stay current with your application and support. Without Oracle support, you won’t have access to Siebel security patches, our huge support knowledge base, and you won’t be able to take advantage of all the great new features released annually. 

Have a quick look at this video about the Value of Siebel CRM

After a fantastic year, we’re all tremendously excited about the future of Siebel CRM, starting with our 17.0 release. Remember it’s not about what you hear or read about Siebel CRM, butabout what competitive advantages our successful customers are gaining from our product – actions speak louder than words!

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