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Siebel CRM 20.7 Update

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

Details of the latest Siebel CRM 20.7 Update released under the Continuous Delivery Model. This Update was released under a special CA status on 27th July, 2020.

NOTE: The Siebel CRM 20.7 Monthly Update is being distributed as a Controlled Availability (CA) release. Customers interested in downloading the release should submit a Service Request via My Oracle Support to request information about the availability of the release referencing Bug 31668262.

This Update contains bug fixes and the following new features:

Parallel Development and Deployment for Workflows

This feature enables full parallel development and deployment capabilities for Workflows including: 

  • Parallel deployment, execution, simulation and monitoring of Workflows via the Runtime Repository (RR)
  • Workspace Inspect (Preview) to support parallel development for Workflows
  • Migration of Workflows from Design Repository (DR) to Runtime Repository (RR) via Runtime Repository tables
  • Support for long-running Workflows in the Runtime Repository
  • Rollback support for Workflows via Runtime Repository Version Rollback

In addition to the improvements above, support for the seamless uptake of this new feature in any existing Innovation Pack 2017 or later design repository and runtime repository environment is included.

If you are using Siebel Workflow, we only recommend deploying the 20.7 Update in a sandbox environment to try out the new Workflow features. Do not install it in your Master DR environment if you use Workflow Processes in your Production application.

Performance Enhancement in Service Dispatch Board 

Performance enhancement to Siebel Service Dispatch Board. This enables the Dispatch Board to be used in a Service Region with a large number of employees.

Siebel CRM Clinical Trials

Task UI for Clinical Flows

A set of interactive procedure using Siebel Task Based UI workflow that helps Clinical users in various Site visit tasks like Protocol, region, site and risk assessment (RACT). The user interaction is automated with Forward/Backward navigation through multiple screens and views and including data validations, there by increasing user efficiency and data quality.

Clinical Blinded and Unblinded Studies

Provide ability to manage both Blinded and Unblinded studies. This includes associating blinded or Unblinded rights to clinical team members, there by segregating the access to Blinded or Unblinded trip reports based on user's individual rights.


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