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Siebel CRM 20.12 Update

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

Details of the latest Siebel CRM Update release under the Continuous Delivery Model, the Siebel CRM 20.12 Update. This Update was GA on 15th December, 2020.

This Update contains bug fixes and the following new features:

Workflow Editor

This feature provides the ability to create, edit, and maintain Workflow Processes in the Web Tools application.

Sort Specification support in Siebel REST Data and Workspace APIs

The Sort Spec feature helps developers to receive the response of REST GET (query) APIs in the required sort order on specified fields. 

The key benefits for developers using this API are

  •     Developers don't have to write code/script to sort the response, so reduced development and maintenance cost.
  •     Sorting is done at the database layer hence more efficient than sorting the JSON response.
  •     Response can be sorted in any order on any number of fields specified.
  •     Easy to use as the SortSpec is a simple query parameter having comma separated fieldname:order pairs.

Siebel Clinical Trials Usability Enhancements

Usability enhancements to sorting, grouping, alerts, display, favorites and other standard configurations for  Clinical Site Management. These enhancements will benefit end users such as Clinical Research Associates to improve productivity and data accuracy.

Siebel Integration with Oracle ACT 

The replacement of iLog (the engine for constraint rule evaluation) with Oracle ACT has been revised since the iLog license for integration has been extended, also including source code access. This extension and ability to make direct code updates ensures that iLog will be a better fit for our customers needs and expectations, as well as removing any potential migration challenges to Oracle ACT.

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