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Siebel CRM 19.2 Update

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

Detail of the latest Siebel CRM Update release under the Continuous Delivery Model, the Siebel CRM 19.2 Update. This Update was GA on 21st February, 2019.

The features included in this release is as follows:

Enterprise Integration Manager (EIM) Support for List of Values (LOV)

Siebel CRM Updates starting with 19.2 allow the import of LOVs into both the Design Repository (DR) and Runtime Repository (RR) only environments via EIM.

With the introduction of List of Values in Workspaces, there is a need to enhance EIM mappings to support the Workspace context. There should not be any change for customers to any existing loading processes into EIM tables.

NOTE:  At this time, the process of using EIM to load LOVs does not support Siebel Remote clients. Customers who have Siebel Remote clients must continue to manage LOVs in the DR environment and migrate to the RR environment as documented in bookshelf.

Repository Upgrade Utility - Support for Importing Only Schema

The Repository Upgrade executable allows customers to import the repository, seed and manifest changes for features which are delivered by an Update. This feature allows customers to import the schema content exclusively.

Siebel Configurator integration with Oracle Advanced Constraint Engine (ACT)

Improved integration that supports the load balancing of multiple constraint engines using a "least-loaded" algorithm. The ACT engine still remains in Developer Preview status. Also this enhancements brings parity with more rules behaviors that are present in the existing constraint engine.


For more information on Siebel CRM Updates, please refer to the Siebel CRM Updates portal.

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  • Mohammed Ahmed Wednesday, March 20, 2019
    I have compared many CRM technologies but the speed, reliability,simplicity and robustness Siebel provides is always been the best.
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