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Siebel CRM 18.8 Update

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

The Siebel CRM team are proud to announce the availability of our new release under the Continuous Delivery Model, the Siebel CRM 18.8 Update.

The major features included in this release are:

1. Workspace performance tuning

Performance tuning of Workspace queries across all Workspace operations particularly Full Publish, Repository navigation, Deliver, etc., primarily to address poor performance on DB2, but most of the optimizations are generic and applicable to all databases.

This feature does not include repository content.

2. Responsive Charting for Open UI (enhanced Aggregation engine)

The new chart engine introduced in the 18.7 Update is enhanced to support database based Aggregation and Virtual Business Component (VBC) based charts for external data.

The aggregation enhancement delegates the aggregation of data (functions: Sum, Average, Count) to the database layer, instead of the Business Object layer which processes data in batches. With the database aggregation, there are significant performance improvements when rendering charts over large data sets.

There will be a few scenarios where Business Object layer aggregation is used instead of database aggregation. These include database aggregation based on calculated fields, calculated expressions as part of BusComp search specifications or part of Virtual Business Components are not included.

More detailed information on this feature can be found here. This feature includes repository content.

3. Simplified Join Promotion Group

This enhancements provides the following benefits:

  • Improves usability when associating new members (with new or pre-existing services) to existing Promotion Groups.

  • Reduced number of click streams with the new flow when compared to the existing flow.
    New flow is simpler and more intuitive.

More detailed information on this feature can be found here. This feature includes repository content.

4. Asynchronous Migration Infrastructure for Dev2Prod

The 17.0 Migration application had a mandatory requirement of having both Source and Target alive and available when a migration plan was created, which did not reflect the real-world deployments which our customers use in a Dev2Prod scenario. There are restrictions of access for both Source & Target applications viz., Development and SIT, QAAT, Pre-Prod or Production, due to network/firewall restrictions.

The de-coupled architecture eliminates the dependency of source and target during connection and migration plan creation. This provides great flexibility to customers and benefits around Governance, different network infrastructure and access control and permissions of their NAS and central file shares.

This feature includes repository content.

5. Tomcat Upgrade

  • Upgrading Tomcat to version 8.5.23 to mitigate security issues in the earlier versions of Tomcat; and making Tomcat servers run as a service so that they start automatically after the system starts.

This feature does not include repository content.

Applying the Update

Note that there is a one-time mandatory database update to be applied on 18.8 or later Updates. This is achieved by running a tool (WSRanking.exe) that makes a minor schema update to increase the column length of one of the Workspace related columns.

Also the features in this Update that include repository content will require the Repository Upgrade tool (RepositoryUpgrade.exe) to be used, please refer to the documentation in the Update Guide.

For more information on Siebel CRM Updates, please refer to the Siebel CRM Updates portal.

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Comments ( 4 )
  • Filip Poverud Monday, August 20, 2018
    Now, since none of the releases after 18.4 are searchable without a patch number, could you please write a blog about how we can calculate these patch numbers so we can download software without making an SR first or wait for someone to make an SR or accidentally find a document with the patch number published ?

    Thank you in advance.
  • Saurabh Relia Monday, August 27, 2018
    Thank you for the update. Patched 18.7 to 18.8 with no issues. WSRanking and RepositoryUpgrade need better examples in documentation as the flags for db connectivity can be confusing.
  • Ravi Doraiswamy Thursday, November 29, 2018
    Thank you very much Saurabh for the feedback and suggestion on wsranking & repositoryupgrade DB connection and the examples in bookshelf; We have included examples in the update guide and bookshelf; If you have specific examples which was not clear, kindly send me an email and will be happy to capture that feedback in our documentation;

    Update Guide: https://updates.oracle.com/Orion/Services/download?type=readme&aru=22484347
    Bookshelf Guide: https://docs.oracle.com/cd/E95904_01/books/SiebInstWIN/SiebInstCOM_ConfigDB2.html#wp4759122
  • mark breslauer Thursday, November 29, 2018
    Filip -
    With the Continuous Delivery model we are continuing our practice of keeping the two most recent Updates/Patchsets available without a password. This helps ensure that customers are working with releases that have the latest fixes and features. If there are compelling reasons for a customer to have access to an older release (they are in production or about to go into production, and need to install a new environment), they can file a service request to access that older release.
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