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Siebel CRM 18.10 Update

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

The Siebel CRM team are proud to announce the availability of our new release under the Continuous Delivery Model, the Siebel CRM 18.10 Update.

The major feature included in this release is as follows:

Web Tools Applet & View Layout Editor

The new editor allows for the editing of applet/view layouts in Siebel Web Tools. The benefits are as follows:

  • Responsive layout viewer for desktop/tablet/phone
  • Preview of view layout with applet details shown
  • Supports editing of all aspects of applet layout
    • Multiple applet types (e.g., Base, Edit, Edit/List)
    • Application-specific configuration
    • Modify control/column properties inside applet layout editor
  • Features available in 18.10 release
    • Drag and drop by control/column or by control type
    • Select multiple controls
    • Prevents overlapping controls when dragging and dropping on a Grid Applet
    • Show More/Less preview

A screenshot of the new Layout Editor:

  • This feature does not include repository content.

Applying the Update

Note that there is a one-time mandatory database update to be applied on 18.8 or later Updates. This is achieved by running a tool (WSRanking.exe) that makes a minor schema update to increase the column length of one of the Workspace related columns.

Also the features in this Update that include repository content will require the Repository Upgrade tool (RepositoryUpgrade.exe) to be used, please refer to the documentation in the Update Guide.

For more information on Siebel CRM Updates, please refer to the Siebel CRM Updates portal.

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Comments ( 3 )
  • Mohmmedali Somji Wednesday, October 17, 2018
    We raised SR to get the patch number today it says it net yet officially available. Let us know when will be be available.
  • Sergey Thursday, November 1, 2018
    Good afternoon.

    18.9 using developer client worked webtools, 18.10 error now :-(

    Cannot load the runtime class: 'CSSSWEFrameListTOW' for applet: 'WT Repository Applet List Applet'.(SBL-UIF-00317)
  • Duncan Ford Thursday, November 29, 2018

    Have you re-executed EditWebLayout.bat as per the release notes?
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