Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

Partner Spotlight - Wipro

For this Partner Spotlight we talked with Ashish Sharma, Siebel Practice Head at Wipro.

Wipro has 20+ years of experience in CRM implementation and has executed 500+ successful engagements. They have 1200+ specialized CRM consultants who have experience in technical capabilities across industries. They are actively adding consultants, as per the market demands, by cross-training or hiring fresh talent out of engineering colleges and conducting hands-on sessions within Wipro Siebel COE Labs. They also have Siebel IP 2017/18 available on the Wipro crowdsourcing platform for training purposes.

Presently, Wipro has 74 ongoing large to medium sized Siebel projects involving Siebel Delivery, Application Support & Maintenance services, UX & OpenUI, Mobility and Upgrade to IP 2018 & 2019.

What are your key Siebel CRM related offerings and services that are available?
Our Siebel CRM solutions that are currently available are:

  • Siebel Upgrade
  • Siebel Open UI/UX design
  • Mobility on top of Siebel
  • Assistance to Adopt DevOps & Agile ways of working
  • Automated Deployment in pre-IP 17, IaaS & PaaS Hosting/Migrations
  • Siebel Code Review, Performance Assessment, Proprietary Framework for Mobility and Integration
  • Device Agnostic Responsive Framework
  • Siebel augmentation with Chabot’s and AI Enabled Voice Assistants
  • Enabling multi-channel Contact Center with Siebel
  • Enabling Field Service and Service Logistics capabilities with Siebel
  • Enhancing functional capabilities in Loyalty Management, Quote-to-Order Management, Automotive Dealer Management and Public Sector Case Management
  • Designing the right Co-Existence strategy wherein we complement Siebel capability with Oracle’s CX Applications capability
  • Application Performance Assessment and Remediation Roadmap

What’s your specialty and why?
Our CRM focus has been on:

  • Customer Experience – Journey Mapping, Open UI Libraries with Plug and Play framework and Proprietary Mobility Framework for enabling CRM on Mobile
  • Platform Optimization – Siebel and Cloud co-existence, Extreme Performance using our Performance Enhancement Framework powered by Oracle Engineered Systems
  • Upgrades and Maintenance – Proactive Alerts to customers and Implementation of CRM Upgrades to the latest Innovation Packs

We specialize in refreshing Siebel UX with a modern look & feel, improving aesthetics and usability, augmenting digital components (custom frameworks for mobility and integrations) to make it compatible with the surrounding systems and make it future ready. We believe Siebel is a strong CRM system with deep industry focus which has been very difficult to replicate and productize. With the right blend of modern UI and digital technology augmentation, the ROI on Siebel implementation can be maximized without compromising on any feature/functionality.

What are your key Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) offerings and services that relate to Siebel CRM?
We offer multiple services on IaaS and PaaS assessments, assisting on migration, re-hosting, and rightsizing. We have developed various value additions which increased time to market like Cloud Jumpstart Kit for rapid deployment and QuMic for migrating the configurations across environments. We assist customers to make an easy choice of deployment option. We offer DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) to customers who are skeptical to move to Cloud and want to try it before making a decision.

Do you have any recent customer success in this space?

Wipro is an Oracle Cloud Managed Service Provider. We have successful case studies of implementing DRaaS at a global semiconductor company. We have also supported Cloud Migration at a Networking and Hardware company in the USA.

What other products or innovations have you created that complement Siebel CRM?
We have developed various value additions in the Siebel landscape:

  • Deployment automation framework which minimizes deployment time in Pre-IP 17 instance
  • OpenUI design templates to provide satellite and embedded experience to Siebel customers
  • Custom responsive mobility framework which is enhanced by Wipro’s integration framework for high speed screen response
  • Tools for code & customization review of Siebel configuration - this tool is to measure the deviation from Oracle configuration standards across the repository and recommend corrective actions
  • UI migration Framework which moves data from flat files to staging tables with built-in validation reports and logs
  • Data Validation and Load tool used in large data migration initiatives
  • HOLMES is Wipro’s AI based tool which, through machine learning, helps customers automate and improvise the AMS landscape
  • Avaamo is Wipro’s AI enabled Chatbot which integrates with On-Prem applications like Siebel, JDE and enables customers to offer digital age services

What recent Siebel CRM customer success stories do you have to share?

Ooredoo Kuwait – We have recently upgraded their Siebel to IP 16. We are doing some industry leading work with Ooredoo. We have just enabled them on eSIm technology using Siebel as Customer and Order Entry/Management system. We have also enabled their digital channels through Rest API/webServices by leveraging the Siebel workflows and processes.

Fuso – We are delivering a Siebel based Dealer Management system to Mitsubishi Fuso. This platform has robust automotive workflows augmented with OpenUI layer for UX enhancement and productivity improvements. 

NGIC – We have recently supported NGIC for the organization merger and have started to upgrade their Siebel to the latest IP 18 version.

Vodafone – We have also implemented Siebel on AWS in a first of its kind of rapid implementation at Vodafone USA.

What is your vision for Siebel CRM innovation and Digital Transformation?

1. Lower TCO for our customers

  • Be on the lowest licensing cost option by upgrading to the latest Siebel and Oracle DB version to be on premier support 
  • Leverage Cloud to reduce infrastructure costs (AWS, IaaS)
  • We have invested in BOTs that can aid customers to improve productivity and improve performance:
    - My Personal Assistant, Chat Bots – to cut down on workforce
    - Diagnostic Assist – to quickly identify causes for most common system problems
    - Performance Analyzer – to proactively analyze the performance of the system and report alerts

2. More Value for Money

  • Decrease time to get functionality to market via Agile, DevOps and Zero downtime deployments
  • Swap unused Siebel license with Oracle Cloud licenses for a hybrid co-existence to embrace the ‘best of both worlds’

3. Digital Customer Experience

  • Integrate Siebel into broader Digital Strategies
  • Improve Performance with Engineered solutions and Archival Solutions
  • Leverage Siebel Open UI to enhance User Experience

For more information on Siebel CRM solutions and services, visit the Wipro Digital website.

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