Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

Partner Spotlight - The Siebel Hub

For this Partner Spotlight, we talked with Alex Hansal and Richard Napier, co-founders of the Siebel Hub.

The Siebel Hub is a repository of over 2500 articles, videos, quizzes and materials from three Siebel Blog sites – Siebel Essentials, Siebel Observer and On Demand Education Ltd. We are the authoritative and most active Oracle Siebel Community site on the Internet with currently 6675 LinkedIn members who have joined our website. We like to think we let the Siebel Community find a place to read and comment on anything Siebel related.

Between the co-owners who work on 4 different projects, and the community itself, we would say we have fingers on the pulse from everywhere. But we are always looking for new readers and commenters, as that is what makes the Siebel Community move onwards and upwards – talking!

What are your key Siebel CRM related offerings and services that are available?

One key area for the Siebel Hub has been creating and delivering training to complement the offerings of Oracle University. To date, we offer Siebel CRM Release 18.x/19.x/20.x Workshops live or on-line, Siebel Open UI 20.x Basic and Advanced online or live training, along with a range of Blue Book, downloadable content and examples in our online store. We plan to continue innovating in this area with more virtual content to assist during these times where travel is impossible.

What are your key Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) offerings and services that relate to Siebel CRM?

Our sister website, theopahub.com, focuses on how to leverage the power and flexibility of Oracle Intelligent Advisor, either within Siebel or as part of the wider enterprise, and this ability to provide one source of auditable business logic, integrated with Siebel CRM but also Oracle Integration Cloud and other CX applications, is a key differentiator from the legacy tools provided by other vendors.

What other products or innovations have you created that complement Siebel CRM?

The Siebel Hub has been at the forefront of the Open UI revolution and our two libraries – siebelhub.js and blacksheepJS have helped countless Siebel consultants upskill and adapt their approach to become valuable members of "next generation" CX teams. Our co-founders have published a range of CRM Books – on Siebel CRM, Oracle Intelligent Advisor and more, to reach the audience wherever it is and give them a leg up.

What recent Siebel CRM customer success stories do you have to share?

We like to say that we help the customers, to help themselves. Every time we attend Oracle events like OpenWorld and Modern CX we are humbled by the number of people who cite our websites as the source of inspiration or the origin of a successfully implemented idea. But more than that, it's about looking around and seeing, in partnership with Oracle through the constant efforts of people like John Bedford and George Jacob, that Siebel is not only surviving but thriving.

What is your vision for Siebel CRM innovation and Digital Transformation?

The times we live in have shown us all, we believe, that digital transformation has been thrust upon the world at a completely unprecedented speed. Siebel has all the elements – powerful backend, incredibly flexible front end and now Cloud and hybrid-friendly platform that Siebel will continue to be used and leveraged in new ways. Companies like our Siebel Hub partners – Idea Port Riga and their Nexus Bridge open source project, but also OnTheMove and their Mobility Platform are showing us all the way.

From Oracle, application integrations like Oracle Live Experience Cloud, Oracle Intelligent Advisor and others will reinforce Siebel as a central node in an ever-wider net of customer experience solutions.

In a longer-term view, we are excited to see plans for simplified OCI migrations, automated updates on OCI to name but two, will continue to provide technical innovation that lets Siebel customers continue to evolve their IT landscape without the loss of the power of Siebel.


For more information, you can visit the Siebel Hub website.