Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

Partner Spotlight - Praesto


For this Partner Spotlight we talked with Mark de Groot, Business Development Director at Praesto.

Praesto Consulting is a leading technical Siebel consultancy with offices in the UK, Netherlands and USA. They have successfully delivered some of the largest global Siebel implementations and upgraded several installations to Siebel IP 2017 and 2018. Some of Praesto’s consultants have been working with Siebel since 2000 and they are one of the few consulting organizations with a dedicated Siebel practice. They currently employ over 60 staff covering CRM & BI and collectively, they have nearly 100 years of Siebel consulting experience in our practice. Praesto has built its brand on four core founding principles: Expertise, Experience, Integrity, and Commitment. Praesto has gained a reputation for providing some of the very best CRM consultants in Europe, based primarily on its heritage of implementing some of the most complex enterprise Siebel platforms.

Having successfully delivered many complex Siebel projects on time and on budget, Praesto has become the trusted advisor to these clients and has built long term working relationships that have helped our customers to drive excellence and value from their CRM implementations. Their work stretches from advice & guidance and ongoing support to upgrades of Siebel to IP 2017 and 2018. Praesto thinks that they have currently performed more upgrades to Siebel IP 2018 than any other consultancy with a dedicated Siebel team. They have an excellent working relationship with Oracle Development built up over many years and are working closely with them, providing feedback for changes which are introduced as part of the new monthly release process.

What are your key Siebel CRM related offerings and services that are available?
We are running a campaign in partnership with Oracle A&C called PathFinder to encourage Siebel customers to make plans around three key areas:

  • Upgrading the current platform
  • Innovating taking advantage of OpenUI and the new features in Siebel 2018
  • Moving the Siebel platform to a hosted environment

View the Siebel PathFinder Programme for further details.

What other products or innovations have you created that complement Siebel CRM?
Our consultants have been working with Siebel since 2000 for many UK organizations and as such there have been times where the need to integrate and innovate has gone far beyond a simple data integration. Whilst we haven’t formally released software products, many of the innovations that we have made have been fed back to Siebel Development which has incorporated product changes for subsequent releases – especially in the area of OpenUI.

What recent Siebel CRM customer success stories do you have to share?
We have worked with Reckitt Benckiser for the last 9 years and they kindly presented the RB success story during the virtual CAB on October, 17th 2018. The presentation is available to view on the Oracle Customer Connect portal.

What is your vision for Siebel CRM innovation and Digital Transformation?
Despite being labelled by some as an ‘old’ technology, Siebel continues to be the right CRM software platform for many of our customers and prospects because it is the still the functionally richest application in the market, and the strongest on-premise CRM tool available. Our vision is one of a complementary strategy where we combine Siebel with the new Oracle CX Cloud products to meet customer needs.

We are working with a number of customers who are engaged in digital transformation and provide support by upgrading them to take advantage of the excellent new features that are available in Siebel IP 2017 and 2018. For example, one organization in particular is changing approach to the front office and we’re providing support by upgrading and revising the use of Siebel to support more engagement channels and recommending the use of additional CX capabilities provided by Oracle CX Cloud Services, to deliver a broader experience for customers and prospects.

For more information on Siebel CRM solutions and services, visit the Praesto website.