Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

Partner Spotlight - Maveric Systems

For this partner spotlight, we talked with Krishnamurthy Natarajan, Associate Vice President, CRM Practice at Maveric Systems Ltd.

Maveric Systems has about 30 CRM Consultants (and growing) spread across 2 Delivery Centers in India, with a combined Siebel CRM Implementation experience of 50+ years in Telecommunications & Financial Verticals and more than 70% being Oracle Certified Siebel CRM Experts. They are currently engaged in 5 different Siebel CRM Projects, mostly catering to their distinguished customers in the Middle East Region.

What are your key Siebel CRM related offerings and services that are available?

Customer experience will define organizations success in their digital transformation journey and the CRM system will be central to customer experience management. Maveric’s Siebel practice is built to address the specific challenges for existing customers who are looking at:

  • Siebel Upgrade - Migrate to the latest version of Siebel CRM, Open UI, as part of their Digital Transformation
  • Siebel Open UI - Improve productivity and customer engagement through guided journeys and intuitive UI design
  • Siebel Mobile Solutions - Provide mobility to field agents to take product and service offerings to the customer’s door step
  • Siebel Loyalty - Implement customer loyalty and retention through reward programs and better customer service
  • Siebel Customer Data Management - Centralize customer data from multiple sources into Siebel CRM, to provide insight to sales and customer service agents, for better customer engagement and delight

We are proud of our Siebel Open UI CoE (Centre of Excellence) which churns out many Innovative Dashboards and Guided Journeys that can be deployed as a plug-n-play component on top of an existing Siebel CRM.

At Maveric, we bring in our expertise on the latest web technologies and Siebel Open UI to enhance user experience and productivity with device driven layouts, intuitive navigation, responsive UI, touch optimization and optimized user journeys. Our service features include business process and scenarios related to sales force automation, customer service and field service operations.

We take pride in modernizing the UI/UX of Siebel CRM using Open UI to provide an enriched experience, resulting in greater adoption and superior customer experience.

What are your key Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) offerings and services that relate to Siebel CRM?

Siebel CRM to Cloud Integration/Migration and Siebel CRM on Amazon AWS are additional offerings that we have started to explore in the recent past.

We help customers define their Siebel to Cloud journey starting with a Functional Parity during the Analysis Phase followed by Rapid Prototyping in the Design Phase and ending with defining a smooth Application Migration & Deployment  Strategy.

What other products or innovations have you created that complement Siebel CRM?

At Maveric Digital Labs, we have created multiple solutions on top of Siebel CRM viz.

  • CRM Mobile solutions for sales and field Service
  • Interactive Sales Chat Bots for sales reps ‘on the move’
  • Multiple Dashboards and Guided Journeys on Open UI using React JS and Vue JS that can be deployed at any customer site with minimal effort and customization
  • Dockers & Jenkins driven CI/CD solutions
  • Multiple playbooks/whitepapers on Siebel CRM

What recent Siebel CRM customer success stories do you have to share?

The most innovative and exciting projects are the ones where we have engaged with customers and elevated their customer experience by modernizing their UI/UX, and transforming certain business processes by providing Open UI Guided Journeys. The UI transformation from the traditional Siebel UI to a more responsive, intuitive, optimized and attractive UI has driven increased User Adoption of the applications along with improved User Experience.

As a data point, at one customer site we were able to see the response SLAs of a Service Incident improving by 45% owing to a Guided Journey for creation of Service Incidents coupled with Automation of Assignments. It is a great example to showcase the power of Open UI along with the robustness of Siebel Business Layer components. 

What is your vision for Siebel CRM innovation and Digital Transformation?

Digital Transformation is inevitable, and organizations globally are defining strategies to use digital technologies to create new or modify existing Business Processes, Culture and Customer Experiences to meet the ever dynamic, ever changing market requirements.

With the unprecedented access to information and growth in technology, customers have innumerable options to choose from and it is paramount that organizations intensify their CRM systems to engage with customers more often, make their interactions personalized and make every experience delightful to enhance customer experience, build loyalty and improve customer retention.

As CRM holds the core customer data, it is important that this data is utilized for better handling of problems, providing information on the best products and services, communicating with customers at the right time and extending customer service across multiple channels.

Innovations on Siebel CRM will involve improving customer experiences by providing insightful visualizations on top of Siebel data, prebuilt Dashboards, responsiveness across devices coupled with rich content driven Navigation, Omni Channel experience and an eagle-eye focus on CI/CD. Ever evolving Open Web technologies have provided a plethora of options that can be utilized in an effective manner to build these innovations and to harness the power of the most complete CRM system developed till date – Siebel CRM. 


For more information on Siebel CRM solutions and services, you can visit the Maveric Systems website. Alternatively you can browse through their portfolio of Digital Offerings and also watch a few of their Siebel references videos in the links below:
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