Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

Partner Spotlight - Jet Infosystems

For this Partner Spotlight we talked with Pavel Zaglumin, Business Development Director at Jet Infosystems.

Jet Infosystems, one of the largest Russian system integrators, was founded in 1991. According to leading Russian IT media and analytical agencies, Jet Infosystems is a Russian TOP-6 IT services company* and a TOP-1 IT systems outsourcing provider**. The company has 12 offices and points of presence in the Russian Federation and CIS with headquarters in Moscow, Russia.

We have been building CRM and analytic solutions, helping our customers meet high-value business challenges, for more than 15 years. Our team – over 400 extremely qualified developers, analytics, project managers, data scientists, designers and consultants. It also includes 100+ high skilled Oracle Siebel CRM experts. We have more than 20 Oracle solutions expert Generalists experienced in Oracle Database, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Exadata, Oracle Data Warehousing, Oracle Database Performance Tuning, and Oracle Enterprise Linux.

This enables us, as an Oracle Platinum Partner, to offer a full range of services aimed to develop a comprehensive CRM, BI, and Customer Experience strategy and implement sophisticated and highly efficient applications based on widely-proven Oracle Siebel CRM, Oracle BI, and Oracle CX solutions.

Jet Infosystems has successfully delivered 20+ multi-purpose and 50+ single-purpose projects for finance, telecoms, oil and gas, insurance, retail companies and public sector entities in Russia and CIS. We are rapidly expanding our Siebel CRM, Oracle BI and Cloud practice involving cutting-edge AI and ML solutions allowing our customers to predict customer demand fluctuations and generate more revenue.

We are investing a significant amount of resources, including our top talent, in developing our CX excellence practice involving Oracle CX technologies to drive CX innovations and boost our customers’ success. We’re also planning to enhance our Open UI customizations and Mobile Applications portfolio.

Jet Infosystems has built a vibrant think tank able to address even the most complicated enterprise customers’ needs and tasks related to Customer Experience excellence. Our team delivers end-to-end business solutions built on Oracle products and offers tangible additional value, including industry-specific modules development, custom development, open-source development, as well as Data Lake, Big Data, ML and AI solutions implementation. 

* RAEX Analytics, 2018 – https://raex-a.ru/rankingtable/it/2018/tab02
** IDC IT Services in Russia, 2018

What are your key Siebel CRM related offerings and services that are available?

Jet Infosystems has been focusing on Siebel CRM implementation and development for more than 15 years. The company has acquired an outstanding team of IT experts successfully delivering:

  • Business process audit and business consulting services
  • Omnichannel CRM and customer experience strategy development
  • Custom development and solutions customization
  • Quality assurance
  • Infrastructure implementation
  • Solutions deployment
  • Integration
  • System upgrading
  • Technical support and maintenance

Our main goal has always been to expand the limits of the technology by seamlessly connecting it with disruptive innovations like Big Data and AI to create even more powerful and efficient solutions.

Audit and Consulting: On their way to Digital Transformation, companies often need to refurbish the whole concept of doing business and rebuild or tweak core business processes. As a system integrator, we provide a thorough audit and analysis of the existing business model aimed to unveil inefficiencies, discover unique insights and opportunities. Based on this extensive research we provide comprehensive consulting services which carve the path to successful Digital Transformation and omnichannel customer experience.

CX Strategy Development: We help companies to streamline their Digital Transformation journey by developing holistic CX transformation strategies tailored to their unique needs and challenges. We analyze the company’s business model and processes, define the scope of organizational changes, map the customer journey, define goals and objectives, featuring best-in-class customer experience solutions and tools which can help the company move to the next level of customer service excellence.

Implementation: We have implemented Siebel CRM solutions at multiple Russian banks (like UniCredit, Nordea Bank, Asian-Pacific Bank, UralSib Bank) and retailers (like Rive Gauche, MALINA marketing and loyalty program, Lukoil Licard loyalty program).

Our team members are Siebel experts who are able to deliver best practices on implementation, develop and enhance industry-specific models and provide great performance and availability. Jet Infosystems has a proven track record of meeting the needs of the most demanding customers, like heavily regulated financial institutions. Our team has successfully met all the challenges, including customer service excellence, security requirements, availability and redundancy levels, and KPI goals.

Integration: We have a wide range of innovative projects where we have provided seamless integrations of Siebel CRM solutions with other Oracle products like Oracle BI, Oracle Database, Oracle Real Application Clusters, Oracle Exadata, Oracle Data Warehousing, custom solutions, and various third-party business systems. Our expertise enables us to create consistent Siebel CRM based ecosystems which employ rich functionality of business-specific systems and applications to provide tangible business outcomes.

Solution Customization: Our team has extensive experience in developing industry and business-specific modules and applications built on Siebel CRM functionality. Such expertise allows us to meet sophisticated customers’ demands and provide their business with the right tools to hit their goals. We also provide business process improvement and optimization based on the new OpenUI interface capabilities.

Technical Support: Jet Infosystems provides ongoing 24x7 Siebel support for the customers. Our consultants ensure high-grade first, second and third-line Siebel CRM support service. We employ our deep knowledge of Siebel CRM and other Oracle solutions to ensure that our customers get the best possible experience and outcomes while using Oracle products.

Upgrades: With our rich experience of Siebel CRM upgrades, we understand and foresee the challenges of the upgrade process. We know how to lead all the stages of the upgrade projects, manage staff and resources to ensure smooth and rapid migration. For example, migration projects at UralSib and UniCredit banks enabled our customers to introduce innovative Siebel functionality and on top of that to launch new cutting-edge CX projects.

We provide the complete set of Siebel upgrade services, starting with business analysis to identify legacy solution customizations that were implemented within the new release functionality, and up to the version upgrade procedures, go-live support and end-user training.

Outdated Siebel version upgrade: Siebel customers around the world are more than happy with the enterprise-class software and its functionality. Sometimes we witness a scenario when a customer operates some Siebel instance for more than ten years with no upgrades, using just the initial version. It often relates to systems that are too difficult to customise. In that case a customer may perceive the upgrade as a complete re-implementation of the system, and that’s the real stopper.

Meanwhile, the newest Siebel version provides a variety of viable benefits, like:

  • OpenUI - new UI technology, not bound to ActiveX anymore
  • New system development and update procedures with zero downtime
  • New functionality, increased system stability and performance

Jet Infosystems has executed plenty of projects, updating Siebel from version 8.x.x to the newest IP15-19.x versions. Every time it was a system that was too difficult to customise, with the functionality overlapping the offer of the newest available version. Over time we have accumulated the exact knowledge on how to deliver an upgrade, developed our own methodology (based on Oracle guidance), and polished our own know-how – all of this enabling us to upgrade Siebel solutions in the most reasonable and cost-effective way.

End-to-End Custom Development: Siebel CRM is extremely customizable, it allows to modify and create new objects, properties, validation rules, workflows, guided help, and support tight integration with other applications. By leveraging our vast experience in Siebel custom development, we can deliver feature-rich bespoke solutions meeting the most sophisticated needs of the modern company. Be it a full-scale customized omnichannel customer service and marketing solution, or an advanced analytical solution powered by robust AI algorithms.

Quality Assurance and Time to Market Speed-Up: Jet Infosystems employs an expert testing team. By ensuring the proper testing level in our projects, we have constituted a large set of technologies and tools, and continuously expand them. During the phase of requirements gathering and system development, we plan for the cycle of functional and automated testing, select the tools, develop the test cases, and write the tests.

We prepare the test environment of the required configuration, run the tests and document the results. We perform automated, integration, load, system, smoke, regression, and acceptance testing, as well as UI and UX, and security testing.
Thus, we are setting up a value delivery factory (CI/CD/DevOps), a streamlined, waste and bugs free pipeline that provides the results to the business with a predictably fast cycle time.

Siebel + Machine Learning + Big Data Synergy: Jet Infosystems has developed and implemented a number of stunning projects based on Siebel CRM and Oracle BI solutions, leveraging the power of ingeniously shaped Machine Learning models and Data Lake systems.

This pure synergy of well-known Siebel functionality and innovative ad-hoc products enabled our customers to enrich their comprehensive Customer Experience approach with precise customer behaviour and purchases prediction, and more efficient customer base segmentation leading to substantial revenue growth.

Omnichannel CX: Our ample experience in software development, coupled with the deep knowledge of CX best practices and proven CX solutions implementation methodology enables us to create advanced omnichannel customer engagement solutions. We provide seamless integration of Siebel CRM with traditional offline engagement and voice channels, modern digital channels (like messengers, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, WeChat, WhatsApp, VK, chat bots, etc.), marketing and analytical solutions, and contact center platform to facilitate an end-to-end Customer Experience ecosystem and boost business outcomes through orchestrated customer journeys.

While Siebel offers an out-of-the-box computer telephony integration and contact center agents can operate (pick up and forward phone calls) using CTI control which is native to Siebel CRM, we believe Siebel solutions can go much further in terms of CX.

Our vision is to promote a classic contact center to the unified Customer Engagement Center with Siebel CRM at its core.

What are your key Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) offerings and services that relate to Siebel CRM?

Jet Infosystems, as an Oracle Platinum Partner, committed to the vision of the perfect CX ecosystem encompassing all the levels of interaction between the brand and its customers. We have proven skills and expertise in Oracle Cloud services and aspire to bring Oracle Cloud products to customers in Russia and CIS. Flexibility and rich functionality of Oracle CX Cloud products pave the way to the 360-degree omnichannel Customer Experience ecosystem.

Extending legacy marketing tools’ capabilities with Cloud and AI / ML features:

Siebel Marketing Suite is still the most powerful and comprehensive solution being used by many Oracle customers, especially in B2C. The organic integration of Loyalty and Marketing suites is still a great feature for accurate customer segmentation and communication of the personalized offers directly to customers. However, we realize the limitations of these tools and the benefits provided by modern software suites.

We can help customers extend their existing Siebel CRM capabilities with modern Oracle Marketing Cloud features or roll-out the latest AI / ML technologies as an integral part of their Siebel solution.

Our team has a profound knowledge of both classic Siebel and modern Cloud Suites’ functionality, can create integration flows operating in an autonomous mode, seamlessly for the customer, and implement Oracle Marketing Cloud offering in the most resource-efficient and time-efficient way.

The second option we offer is to use the existing Siebel data and raise the value of this data by taking the Big Data based approach. We have both, a Data Science team and a Siebel consultants team to deliver the project. They start their work using the available dataset and perform initial speculation, articulation, and proving until they get the segmentation data available in Siebel.

What other products or innovations have you created that complement Siebel CRM?

Innovation is our way of doing business. We help our customers leverage the most advanced technologies and yield maximum benefits for their business.

Siebel Open UI Customizations: Open UI brings flexibility to UI creation and optimization. Utilizing Open UI capabilities, we can deliver rich and intuitive interfaces to users. We have shaped simple and efficient User Workplaces, reduced screen complexity and aligned UI functionality with existing business processes by leveraging powerful Open UI functions.

Open UI enables us to create easy-to-use ergonomic interfaces and reduce the number of user errors, decrease task completion times, and shorten new users’ (employees) adoption periods.

UI/UX Design: Jet Infosystems also offers expert-level UI/UX design solutions. Our leading UI and UX designers devise Open UI based interfaces and custom user interfaces ensuring high usability and productivity improvement.

Mobile Apps: Our team has extensive expertise in developing Siebel CRM based mobile apps. Mobile apps facilitate increased productivity and efficiencies for business users by enabling them with access to business systems anywhere, anytime. We create intuitive UI on different types of devices, ensure native look-and-feel and provide tight integration for seamless access to all business-critical capabilities a business user might need.

AI Innovations: Combining rich Siebel CRM CX capabilities with state-of-the-art innovations is our true passion. That’s how we create the future of Customer Experience, providing our customers with the most advanced tools for customer engagement, customer journey management, and revenue boost.

For example, by fusing Siebel with advanced Big Data and Machine Learning technologies developed by Jet experts, we enabled Rive Gauche beauty retailer to identify their “gold segment” customers within loyalty program customer base and predict their future purchases. This helped the company to increase “gold segment” customers’ spendings up to 42% above the segment average spendings.

What recent Siebel CRM customer success stories do you have to share?

Jet Infosystems has successfully delivered Siebel CRM projects for finance, telecoms, oil and gas, insurance and retail companies in Russia and CIS. After implementing Siebel our customers experienced inevitable growth of Customer Experience excellence and significant rise of key business metrics. 

UniCredit Bank: Our team has implemented the powerful and innovative Oracle Siebel CRM platform at UniCredit Bank. Siebel CRM dramatically improved the quality of customer service and streamlined and standardized the bank's internal processes. The unified CRM system at UniCredit Bank covers 84 branches in Russia, which employ over 3700 staff and provide banking services to more than 600000 retail and 17500 business’ customers.

An end-to-end CRM system, featuring unified customer base and credit history database, product line, outstanding payments and loans control system, and planning and marketing tools, allows the bank to implement a long-term customer relationship strategy and substantially improve customer experience quality.

Evgeniy Shatohin, Head of System Architecture and Competence Center Department at UniCredit says

“UniCredit is one of the leading European financial groups, that is why we focus on excellent customer experience. With cutting-edge Oracle Siebel CRM solution implementation we aimed at improving customer experience quality on many levels. We have successfully achieved the goal. Now UniCredit has a powerful CRM platform supporting the further enhancement of customer experience. It also enables comprehensive optimization and standardization of existing workflows.”

UralSib Bank: now enjoys a unified front-office system providing comprehensive customer service of retail customers. Jet Infosystems team has deployed a unified CRM platform to replace a number of siloed business systems. On top of that, we have deployed the Oracle BI solution and developed a full range of analytical reports to provide the managing staff with rich business data and drive decisions quality. Finally, we have developed and implemented a product portfolio to automate sales and increase sales efficiency. 

LUKOIL-Inter-Card: is a part of LUKOIL energy corporation, the second largest company after Gazprom and the Top 1 private company in Russia, owning a filling stations network of 6620 facilities in 19 countries. LUKOIL-Inter-Card is a leader in the fuel card market in Russia and CIS. Our team has implemented Siebel CRM to run the loyalty program (LICARD) and to increase the loyalty of the company's retail customers through streamlining marketing campaigns.

As a result, LUKOIL-Inter-Card enjoyed a 21% improvement of marketing campaigns efficiency through segmentation and BI response analysis, a 15% savings of staff-related costs through automation, and more than the triple reduction in time for client request processing.

Nikolay Yashin, CIO and Deputy General Director for Operations at LICARD says

“Customer loyalty program is a key strategic element for LUKOIL Group prioritizing on customer focus and competitive edge. As a result of the project, we have streamlined and ensured the end-to-end implementation of all the customer care business processes, from the first contact with the client through to running and evaluating marketing campaigns. The technologies have helped us to ensure better quality and responsiveness of service for both businesses and individuals with less effort, opening up for us additional opportunities to attract new customers.”

Rive Gauche: one of the leading Russian beauty retailers, we have implemented Siebel CRM, Oracle BI, and Siebel Loyalty solutions to support omnichannel customer engagement, drive customer loyalty, and establish a single point of customer data consolidation. Now with Siebel CRM, Rive Gauche can capture data of all the customers in all channels, as well as manage and dissect data of all the loyalty cardholders.

Deep customer data analysis and precise customer base segmentation built on advanced Machine Learning algorithms developed by our team, allowed Rive Gauche to launch 15 times more marketing loyalty campaigns with 20% efficiency growth.

This complex solution now covers over 220 brick-and-mortar stores, more than 900 POS machines, and manages the data of about 20000000 loyalty card holders. Rive Gauche now offers deep customer experience personalization, dynamic discounts, segment-targeted discounts and rewards, as well as customer purchase prediction based on the vibrant ML model.

What is your vision for Siebel CRM innovation and Digital Transformation?

Siebel facilitates the creation of comprehensive 360-degree Customer Experience ecosystems for enterprises willing to complete their Digital Transformation. Today in many markets, business success is driven by Customer Experience excellence. However, there is no option to excel in CX without full Digital Transformation.

Siebel together with other Oracle CX products and very special solutions offered by Jet Infosystems and tailored to the company’s unique needs and tasks, make a solid framework for building genuine omnichannel customer service. Omnichannel CX helps convert customers’ loyalty and high-quality interactions in sales increase and revenue growth.

To achieve that a company needs powerful tools to manage customer experience, cutting-edge software solutions (proven CRM platform, omnichannel contact center, Big Data, AI, ML or Data Lake products) to yield valuable business insights, capabilities to monitor and capture customer’s data across the channels and enrich and analyse that data associated with customer profiles.

For customer-centric organizations whose revenue growth strategies are built on meeting customer experience expectations, Siebel CRM seamlessly empowered with target enhancements is the most beneficial option to take.

How does it work? we develop a concept of seamless integration where the Siebel CRM platform is integrated with powerful marketing and analytical solutions, an omnichannel customer engagement platform encompassing traditional offline and digital channels (social media, messengers, portals, web chats, chatbots, etc.), and proven Data Lake solution to store data for machine learning, where models are built on the stored data to forecast likely outcomes, and suggest a range of prescribed actions to achieve the optimal result, and we make this concept functional.

Story #1

This integrated solution provides valuable actionable insights leading to remarkable revenue growth. For example, the solution identifies a loyal customer with high recurring spendings and very high lifetime value (LTV). The solution also identifies that this customer has hundreds of friends on Facebook and some of them are also loyal customers with high spendings and LTV.

Then it pushes a personalized promotion offer to the customer that includes shareable discount links, refer-a-friend discount codes or some other kind of incentives. This promotion offer improves loyalty and recruits more loyal customers.

Story #2

Another option is when the solution identifies a loyal customer with an unresolved ticket pending in a contact center. The company may push the customer via telemarketing, email marketing or context/target ads in Google or Facebook, trying to drive upselling or cross-selling. Obviously, it will only decrease the customer’s loyalty and result in a huge waste of time, resources, and money.

Or our platform may automatically (thanks to machine learning and rule-based business processes) alert marketing teams to hold on activities targeting this unsatisfied client, until the most appropriate (appointed by the platform) operator with the relevant set of skills will find the solution and resolve the ticket. This way we turn a disappointed customer into a happy and loyal customer, prevent churn, and potential revenue loss.

Core to our vision are vast capabilities and flexibility of Siebel CRM, it’s leading role in business process coordination across the company and customer engagement. By bringing it together with an additional value derived from AI and Machine Learning technologies, Jet Infosystems can ensure tangible benefits to any company aiming to succeed in Digital Transformation.

What about the outcomes?

  • customer churn rate decreases by 15%
  • marketing expenses decrease by 3-15%, while keeping the effectiveness of marketing campaigns on the same level
  • personalized offers accuracy increase up to 50% (accurate to «Chanel N5, 35 ml»)
  • upsell and cross-sell growth from 10 up to 35%
  • customer service speed-up up to 30%
  • routine operations automation leading to labor expense reduction up to 60%
  • increase in the number of renewals of subscriptions by 6% (relevant for insurance)
  • average purchase amount growth by 5-30%
  • total sales growth by 4%, online sales growth by 8.2%

For more information on Siebel CRM solutions and services, visit the Jet Infosystems website and you can also contact the cxteam@jet.su.