Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

Partner Spotlight - Innovacx

For this Partner Spotlight we talked with Scott Meyers, General Manager of the North American Operations at Innovacx Solutions Inc.

Innovacx has a Siebel CRM practice of about 40 consultants worldwide and are presently working on 5+ Siebel CRM projects globally. We have a robust set of services to offer Siebel Customers including implementation, enhancements, innovations, and operations support. Our team is seasoned and have expert level skillsets needed to help drive successful projects, leveraging all aspects of the Siebel platform including EAI, EIM, Configurations, eScripting, as well as Open-UI expertise that has been leveraged by several large Siebel customers including Sleep-Number, MRP, Westjet, Taj, and Desjardins. Our Siebel pedigree cannot be matched in today’s IT ecosystem.

  • Team previously led Vision, Strategy and Development of Siebel Loyalty, Marketing, MDM solutions at Oracle
  • Large and seasoned Siebel team with implementation, integration, data migration and support experience on all Siebel products
  • Expertise in Siebel Loyalty, Marketing, Call Center, Field Service and Sales
  • Unique expertise in UX innovation that blends Siebel Open UI with modern UI technologies
  • Skilled consultants trained across EAI, EIM, Siebel configuration and eScripting
  • Experts in latest Siebel innovation packs and roadmap
  • Ability to scale up resources on-demand

What are your key Siebel CRM related offerings and services that are available?

Siebel CRM Services

  • Implementations
  • Optimization
  • Augmentation with Oracle Cloud

Innovation Driven Siebel Support

  • Siebel CRM, Oracle CX cloud packages
  • Flexible support offerings and resource allocation
  • Includes innovation driven support engagement
  • 24/7 Global Delivery Model
  • Transition planning focused on smooth hand over

Siebel UX Optimization - Great UX for Great CX

Innovacx UX Labs brings Unique expertise in UX innovation that blends Siebel Open UI with modern UI technologies:

  • Siebel Open-UI innovations and UX design practice
  • Great UX is a key enabler for great CX
  • Remarkable look-n-feel that drives ‘User Delight’
  • Efficient and Effective User interactions that ‘Drive Results’
  • Innovacx’s approach towards UX transformation focuses on optimal information organization that drives ‘Insight to Action’

Delivering Transformational UX using Siebel Open UI

  • Design-led Engineering approach
  • Siebel repository configuration
  • Web Development Expertise: Web 3.0, HTML5, jquery, javascript, angular.js, css3, responsive web design, bootstrap.

What are your key Cloud (SaaS, PaaS, IaaS) offerings and services that relate to Siebel CRM?

Innovacx has been part of the cloud movement since our inception. We are experts at helping companies optimize their enterprise application and technology landscape with cloud solutions that drive innovation and business outcomes.

Cloud solutions provide the opportunity to simplify your IT infrastructure, lower costs and provide platforms for rapid innovation. From back-office to the front office, from commerce to supply chain management, from big data to artificial intelligence, from infrastructure to the internet of things, intelligent cloud augmentation and migration are part of every customer conversation we have and Innovacx is here to help define an approach unique to your needs.

Oracle Marketing Cloud

Innovacx provides a complete set of services to support the planning, acquisition, design, and execution for omni-channel campaigns across both B2B and B2C customer engagement requirements.

  • Increase Marketing Effectiveness
  • Accelerate Campaign Process
  • Deliver 1:1 Omni-Channel Customer Communications
  • Increase Cross-Sell & Upsell
  • Improve Customer Engagement

Customer Highlights: NRMA, Bajaj and Tech Mahindra

Why Innovacx for OMC?

  • Team previously led Vision, Strategy and Development of Enterprise Loyalty, Marketing, MDM solutions at Oracle
  • Team of marketing experts to assist in positioning, acquisition, implementation and successful use of digital marketing solutions
  • Expertise in all areas of marketing including data management, analytics, segmentation and omni-channel execution
  • Experience in design and execution of B2C, B2B, D2C marketing programs
  • Successful marketing customers around the globe

Oracle Engagement Cloud

Innovacx provides a complete set of services to support the design and deployment of an enterprise wide sales and service platform that will migrate your customer data, setup your organization structures, sales and service territories, automate sales and service functions, and deliver actionable insights that will increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction.

  • Increase Sales Effectiveness
  • Shorten Sales Process
  • Deliver Single View of customer
  • Increase Sales Conversion
  • Improve Customer Satisfaction

Customer Highlights: Taj, Tech Mahindra and Bajaj

Why Innovacx for Engagement Cloud?

  • Team previously led the development of enterprise class solutions like Siebel Sales Partner Relationship Management, Call Center and Field Service
  • Successful Oracle Engagement Cloud customers around the globe
  • Highly experienced with Oracle Cloud Platform covering configurations, customizations, integrations and data migrations
  • Ability to scale up resources on-demand

Oracle CPQ Cloud

Innovacx has years of experience working across industries to help companies optimize their complex quote to cash and quote to contract process while improving sales effectiveness and increasing sales volume and accuracy.

  • Shorten quote to cash cycle
  • Increase sales productivity
  • Increase sales performance and volume
  • Improve cross-sell and up-sell opportunities
  • Increase average order size

Customer Highlights: Genpact, Netmagic, Karam and Bajaj

Why Innovacx for CPQ?

  • Oracle Trained & Certified CPQ Cloud Professionals
  • Strong Domain Capability in Professional Services, Airline Cargo
  • Entire breadth of Sales cloud products – Oracle CDM, CPQ Cloud, OIC Cloud, OPA Cloud
  • Ability to Scale up resources on-demand

Oracle Loyalty Cloud

One of the most exciting areas for us and our customers is in the area of loyalty driven engagement.   The efforts to move loyalty program operations in-house as a means to enable 1:1 brand engagement and retention is at an all-time high.

Easy to use, cloud-based solutions for program, membership, and promotion management are key to empowering the business to better understand and incent the customer to grow their relationship with the brand.

At Innovacx we provide a large set of highly trained resources with deep backgrounds and experience in implementing loyalty solutions across industries. The Innovacx team is Oracle loyalty cloud trained and field-tested. We have developed high-volume data migration utilities that allow us to rapidly and efficiently migrate from legacy on premise and out-sourced loyalty platforms to loyalty cloud.

  • Increased customer engagement
  • Increased web and in-store visits
  • Increased brand loyalty
  • Increased basket size and revenue
  • Improved understanding of customer behavior

Customer Highlights: We are super excited to announce that we brought the first customer anywhere in the globe live on Oracle loyalty cloud - Latham Pools and Drive Shack

Why Innovacx for Oracle Loyalty Cloud?

  • First live Oracle Loyalty Cloud Customer anywhere in the globe
  • Team previously led Vision, Strategy and Development of Siebel Loyalty, Marketing, MDM solutions at Oracle
  • Highly trained resources in the Loyalty domain with more than 100+ years’ experience in implementing loyalty solutions
  • Cross industry expertise for Airlines, Retail, Banking and Hospitality Industries
  • Deep knowledge of related Oracle Cloud products including Oracle OCC, CDM, CPQ Cloud, OIC Cloud, OPA Cloud
  • Ability to scale up resources on-demand

Oracle Commerce Cloud

Innovacx has years of experience working with both B2C and B2B commerce clients. We have Oracle Ecommerce Cloud trained professionals and one of the key strengths of the team is our strong pedigree around entire Oracle CX Cloud platform and related solutions to:

  • Empower your business with less dependence on IT
  • Modernize your Ecommerce platform
  • Lower costs
  • Streamline Ecommerce functions
  • Ecommerce infrastructure

Why Innovacx for OCC?

  • Innovacx has designed solutions leveraging Oracle CX cloud across multiple industry sectors for enterprise, mid-sized, and small businesses.
  • Deep domain and product knowledge across the Oracle Cloud Suite
  • Experience delivering best in class industry solutions for both B2B Organizations and B2C Brands and Retailers.
  • Designed and delivered customer demos and use cases leveraging Ecommerce Cloud to address the needs of B2B Organizations and Retailers.
  • Led industry strategy for Retail, CPG and Travel industries at Oracle
  • Our deep expertise in CPQ Cloud provides an edge to the team in terms of building and leveraging Ecommerce Cloud to enable self-service configuration, quoting and pricing.
  • Innovacx has also integrated ecommerce applications with other Oracle CX applications leveraging Oracle integrations cloud service
  • Ability to Scale up resources on-demand

Oracle PaaS

Innovacx has a deep expertise in Oracle Cloud Platform-as-a Service (PaaS) including data management, java cloud

service, integration cloud services, mobile cloud service, IoT Cloud service and much more. Using Oracle PaaS cloud technologies Innovacx helps its customers to:

  • Lower costs and complexity
  • Increased speed to innovation for business
  • Accelerate adoption of emerging technologies that drive agility and customer experience

Customer Highlights: Taj Hotels

Why Innovacx for PaaS?

  • Team previously worked in Oracle engineering and development for Oracle PaaS
  • Highly experienced in end-to-end business process integrations and application development
  • Ability to scale up resources on-demand
  • Skilled consultants trained across entire Oracle Cloud Suite
  • Successful customers around the globe

What other products or innovations have you created that complement Siebel CRM?

Innovate with Innovacx: All of our innovation services leverage a rapid innovation cycle based on a lean methodology that speeds time to value and customer success. First our Enterprise Innovation team will access your as-is application and infrastructure environment and deliver an outcome driven innovation plan. Based on that plan we will optimize and extend existing Oracle applications with smart enhancements and integrations and/or migrate cloud friendly business processes to Oracle CX, ERP, HCM, BI, PaaS or Infrastructure Clouds. Our team provides innovation driven operations and support services as well as marketing, sales, and loyalty program services to help ensure your business is onboarding and getting the most out of their Oracle solutions. Finally, we’ll provide innovation services that accelerate ideas and CX solution development to ensure ongoing transformations that deliver value. All of this is wrapped around the Innovacx Smart Accelerators and Utilities.

Our innovations include:

  • Smart Accelerators
  • Cloud Migration Utilities
  • Mobile Development
  • Enterprise Assessments

Innovacx Smart Accelerators

Innovacx Smart Accelerators (ISA) are based on Innovacx developed IP and are designed to accelerate time to value and customer success. ISA’s leverage multiple assets from across the Oracle portfolio to assist in assessments, implementations and innovations to speed time-to-market and business outcomes. They leverage smart integrations and utilities built with Oracle SoA and Integration Cloud Service and in many cases are co-developed with Oracle. Many of our ISA’s have been certified and validated by Oracle and have been deployed around the globe.

  • Helps integrate Multiple Oracle on-premise and SaaS products
  • Assessment, Implementation & Innovation Accelerators that Speed time to market
  • Smart integrations that leverage Oracle SOA, ICS and JCS
  • Certified and Validated by Oracle and being deployed around the globe

iRAS: B2C Cross-Channel Marketing with integrated Responsys and Siebel

iEAS: B2B Cross-Channel Marketing with integrated Eloqua and Siebel

iC360: Unified Customer 360 Agent View with Siebel Open UI

iOCX: Modern Hospitality Experience for Property Managers and Customers with Integrated PMS and Oracle Cloud

How are they sold and leveraged?

Innovacx Smart Accelerators’ design team leverages years of experience in the CRM and CX space to design and build packaged software based on Oracle on-premise products and cloud services

  • Sold as a one-time license
  • Packaged, Documented and Compiled Code
  • Deployment and Configuration Services Offered
  • 7 Day Warranty Period Post Go-live
  • Flexible Support and Innovation Packages Available


  • Tried, Tested and Proven based on many deployments
  • Speeds innovations and drives customer centric architecture
  • Delivers quick win for IT and the Business

What recent Siebel CRM customer success stories do you have to share?

  • Sleep Number
  • MRP
  • Dejardians
  • Westjet
  • NRMA
  • Bajaj

With Sleep-Number, NRMA and Taj Hotels being our biggest customer testimonials.

Our customers generate value from our implementation through:

  • Increased speed to innovation and continuous improvement
  • Accelerated engagement with business stakeholders
  • Increased user adoption
  • Extending value of Siebel Platform through Open-UI and Cloud Augmentation

What is your vision for Siebel CRM innovation and Digital Transformation?

CRM/CX is all about omni-channel experiences that are data driven, intelligent, and autonomous. Investments in platforms like Siebel will continue to bring value as a core CRM platform, but agile cloud solutions will be the experience providers to sales, service and marketing users and B2B and B2C customers through digital channels especially mobile and social.

We are advising our customers to assess and extend the value of their Siebel investments through strategic and smart extensions, integrations and usability enhancements followed by smart augmentation and integration to Oracle cloud ready services for Customer Engagement, Marketing, CPQ, Data Management and Analytics Clouds.

At Innovacx, innovation is in our name and we see ourselves as an innovation service provider to Oracle customers.  As CRM/CX continues to evolve we will invest in transformational services powered by Oracle solutions including AI, IoT, Big Data and intelligent hybrid solutions leveraging the entire oracle portfolio.


For more information on Siebel CRM solutions and services, you visit the Innovacx website.