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OpenWorld 2019 Highlights

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

Siebel CRM @ OpenWorld 2019

Once again the Siebel CRM team at Oracle welcomed our customers and partners to the annual OpenWorld conference in San Francisco. Whilst the look and feel of OpenWorld this year was completely different, with the new Oracle "Redwood" branding; certain things remained constant. Yet again, organizations running Siebel CRM excelled sharing details of their customer success stories. Secondly, new innovations in the Siebel CRM product that deliver value and ROI were clear to see - underlining Oracle's long-term commitment to evolve Siebel CRM.

We kicked off the conference with our Siebel CRM CAB event on the Sunday, held again at the top floor of the Grand Hyatt hotel and its sweeping views of the San Francisco skyline. George Jacob provided an update on our roadmap with a view to gaining constructive feedback from our customers and partners, followed by Pritham Shetty, Oracle's GVP of CX Industry Solutions, who provided an insight into the exciting new developments of Oracle's CX industry solutions.


At the CAB and the Demo Booth attendees were given a glimpse into new innovations that the Siebel CRM team have recently released or are currently developing:

  • Smartphone UX - the user experience running Siebel CRM mobile applications on smartphones has been considerably improved. We showcased the Field Service Mobile and Financial Services Mobile applications running on smartphone, complete with maps, calendar, photo attach, signature capture and eDetailing functionality.
  • Seamless Repository Framework - we demonstrated a seamless Siebel CRM Release Update process from 19.1 to 19.4, achieved using Docker containers, with minimum downtime and the whole process taking less than a few minutes. Not only was this impressive, but by applying the 19.4 Update we also enabled a brand new Web Tools "Rollback" feature, that was automatically introduced into the application without any need for IRM or repository merging by nature of the "Seamless Repository Framework" feature.
  • Machine Learning inside Siebel CRM - this demonstration showed how machine learning algorithms can be applied directly to Siebel CRM data to generate product recommendations in real-time.
  • Oracle Analytics Cloud - we saw how the latest Oracle Analytics Cloud solutions can be used with Siebel CRM data to build impressive and insightful dashboards.
  • Test Automation - the latest enhancements in data-driven test automation, that provide the ability to create data sets within Siebel CRM, and be used across multiple Test Scripts.
  • Installer - we revealed the next generation install and configuration tool with a focus on really enhancing the installation experience from all aspects.  This applies to first time installations, major upgrades to the latest release as well as incremental Updates.
  • Docker - deploying Siebel CRM on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure with Docker and Jenkins
  • Web Tools - Script Editor/Debugger, Integration Branch deletion, Rollback features
  • Product Catalog - Parallel Configuration of Customizable Products

Image showing Siebel CRM Field Service and Financial Services mobile applications running on smartphone.

One of the major announcements at Oracle OpenWorld which was blatantly obvious was the new corporate branding. The "Redwood" design principles were seen everywhere, with the intention to adopt this design framework in the future into all Oracle applications.

To find out more read this blog and see the video teaser. You can also replay the keynote - and watch this space in the future to find out when "Redwood" arrives in the Siebel CRM application.

Customer Success

During the conference we heard from many customers showcasing their Siebel CRM innovations and strategies. Check out these awesome achievements:


  • Marriott – I'm sure everyone has stayed at a Marriott hotel ! well Siebel CRM is used for all their Events Management. Following a merger with Starwood, which kick-started a 2-year project, moving 1.2B records and 22,000 Starwood users into Marriott for a consolidated inventory / GSEM. The consolidated system now serves 52,000 users across 6,600 properties & 550 global sales offices, has 10 TB of data, processes on a daily basis: 15+ M transactions, over 50,000 BI Publisher reports, 1,500 quotes....and has over 35 interfaces. We learnt about conversion best practices that include waves, staging systems (at both ends) and extreme preparation through multiple dress-rehearsal test-and-fix iterations. A great example of a successful CRM project, following huge scale M&A activity.
  • Die Mobiliar - The oldest private insurance company in Switzerland, founded in 1826! we heard about their recent IP2015 to 19.x upgrade project and the benefits realized. Currently running 19.3 after upgrading to 18.x with 8,000 users on Financial Services and an Open UI Partner Portal. Die Mobiliar stood out in terms of agility specifically their reduction in downtime with Siebel CRM application updates going down from 8 hrs to 1 hr. Die Mobiliar also completed a recent UX project, delivering instant ROI with improved productivity for primary user journeys, a 70%+ click improvement.
  • Equinix - Oracle’s first and largest OCI FastConnect Partner, specializing in internet connection and data centers. The company leads in global co-location data center market share, with 200 data centers in 24 countries on five continents. Siebel CRM is at the core of Equinix’s systems connecting the Sales and Customer Portals to the Financial and Inventory systems. The system serves about 7,000 users and has 17TB of data. Siebel CRM provides a single, scalable, flexible platform with intuitive and clean interfaces for users and other systems.
  • Natus - Natus Medical shared their Siebel CRM upgrade customer success story moving from 8.1 to 18.12 in order to "future-proof" the CRM platform. By upgrading, they were able to empower sales, customer service and field service technicians to use new Siebel UI/Mobile devices to improve efficiency, productivity (by 20% for technicians) and increase customer satisfaction.
  • T-Mobile USA -T-Mobile talked about how they used Kubernetes to reduce their 18 environments across Development, Staging, and Productions - down from about 140 servers to 30 servers, a 75% reduction in hardware footprint. They are one of the first customers to be running Siebel CRM 19.x with Docker containers. Some of the ROI outlined included: new environment builds (from 2 days to 2 hours), major application upgrades (several months with outage, down to 1 week with no outages), environment true-up (8 hours with outage, to less than 1 hour with no outage). These benefits clearly justified their decision to upgrade to 19.x and deploy Siebel CRM as Docker containers.
  • Campus Crusade for Christ - CRU are using Siebel CRM for Constituent Management to track orders and donations. The Constituent Management solution has evolved with work completed on an intuitive UI and mobile application as well as upgrading from Siebel CRM to 19.6. Some cool features were demonstrated including a new, fresh looking UI, dynamic dashboard view of donations (also across smartphone), Google maps integration with clustering, and integration with Gmail and Google Calendar.
  • American Airlines - One of the worlds biggest Loyalty programs with over 120m members. Siebel Loyalty powers the AAdvantage program. AA shared details of their recent Siebel CRM upgrade and transition to running Siebel Loyalty on Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. The have already realised a number of benefits on OCI - they are using a mix of Oracle RAC and Exadata Cloud Service.
  • Insperity - U.S. company providing human resources and administrative services to small and medium-sized businesses. They shared details about their implementation, which live on Siebel CRM 18.5, integrated with Oracle Service Cloud for chat and co-browse, CRM Desktop integration for Outlook to improve productivity and Oracle Business Intelligence. Siebel CRM is the key component of their 'OneVoice' platform, providing a 360 degree view of the customer with analytical insights and supporting over 750,000 transactional records a year (SRs, Activities and Projects). Recently, they have completed a UX project in Siebel OpenUI, the results have been fantastic, with a task focused UI, role based home pages, search from anywhere and frequently accessed record shortcuts, all neat tweaks to improve productivity.  Most of the customer requirements were met with out of the box functionality and little Javascript coding was needed; 180 person days and 15 lines of code/per day which is significantly lower than the industry average.
  • Dymensions - A specialized provider of Siebel CRM solutions, they provided a walkthrough of their recent customer success delivering a full CI/CD process on IP2015 for Bharti AirTel.
  • Ideaport Riga - shared details of their "Nexus Bridge" JS library which allows modern UI frameworks such as React, Angular etc to be used with the standard OpenUI framework. This quite simply provides Siebel CRM customers with more choices to customize the UI. To find out more check out these examples on their website. 

Fun & Networking!

There were plenty of opportunities for Siebel CRM customers and partners to network during the conference. After our CAB on Sunday, everyone headed to the Press Club for a networking reception.

For added fun, it was also possible to play the "Who Wants to be a CIO" game - an adaption of the well known TV show but with all the questions relating to Siebel CRM. Winners of our million dollar prize took home a bionic bird!.

Do you think you could have answered this million-dollar question correctly and win the star prize?

Here are a couple of our lucky winners !

Another year, another fantastic conference and opportunity to share our latest roadmap and innovations with our customers and partners. Most importantly, to listen to the feedback that helps us continue to shape our product strategy.

We look forward to meeting all our customers and partners in the near future, particularly at our upcoming global events. Our mission, as always, is to innovate and create value in our product, that in turn, allows you to be successful.

Click here to access the full list of Siebel CRM session presentations.


Oracle Siebel CRM Team

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  • Kurt Friday, September 27, 2019
    Very nice summary of all the highlights. It will make my summary to my management much easier :-) Thanks for that John
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