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OpenWorld 2018 Highlights

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

Siebel CRM @ OpenWorld 2018

There was so much buzz around the OpenWorld conference last week, that its hard to know where to start when reviewing the highlights. The Siebel CRM team again delivered on great content and our new innovative demonstrations, but perhaps even greater were the success stories from our customers and partners. The feedback received from our sessions was largely that our content was amazing - which is all credit to our customer and partner presenters for their epic digital transformation work - so great job!

The Siebel CRM community is thriving again, ever more apparent that at our CAB event on the Sunday which was over-subscribed with representation from over 40 organizations. EVP CX - Rob Tarkoff, kicked off our event with an introduction on a new theme describing the "Experience Economy". I would strongly suggest taking a look at the presentation for this keynote on the OpenWorld site. We are seeing Siebel CRM customers being really successful by evolving their CRM deployments. Customers are upgrading Siebel CRM to the latest release in order to become more agile and reap the benefits of faster development and application delivery. Superior User Experience is being delivered with OpenUI, creating perfectly tailored UIs across desktop and mobile. We are also seeing our customers extend Siebel CRM with additional Oracle Cloud solutions that can really start to achieve CX excellence, leading to new competitive advantages for their businesses. These patterns represent a smart, low risk and less disruptive approach to delivering the most value from your Siebel CRM investment.

One of the cool demonstrations in our CAB event was the integration with Siebel CRM and Oracle Live Experience. With minimal configuration changes in Siebel CRM you can deliver an immersive Customer Experience. With direct, embedded video between an agent and a customer - you can really make the experience truly amazing for a customer and quickly address problems and needs without engagement transactions delays or bottlenecks.

Find out more about Oracle Live Experience here.

As Siebel CRM celebrates 25 years of success, one of the key messages from the strategic update was Oracle's commitment to Siebel CRM innovation, with product roadmap and innovation having no end date whatsoever. Premier Support is also guaranteed to well beyond 2030++ . We are seeing customers already live on our latest 2018 releases and adopting the Continuous Release Model. The application is evolving to deliver key benefits for all:

  • For Users, we are providing the ability to enhance UX with insight driven UI's incorporating dashboards and guided process journeys.
  • For Developers, we are making it much faster and easier to create new artifacts, automate testing and delivery.
  • For Administrators, providing complete flexibility for the secure delivery of application updates, synchronous or asynchronous and with complete governance - essential in an enterprise, mission-critical application where it's common to have distributed, parallel development teams.
  • For Architects, on-premise or cloud - you choose! we are moving towards a more elastic, open-architecture with distributed applications and microservices at the heart of our solution.

New Siebel CRM feature innovations were also announced at OpenWorld. Siebel Web Tools now has new web applet layout editor capabilities, including Workflow, Script and Task editors. the Siebel Management Console has been enhanced, improving UX and flexibility - and we showcased a new smartphone application, based on an intelligent framework that can function for existing Siebel CRM mobile applications. The navigation flow has also been aligned to the Oracle CX Cloud applications, so that our customers have a similar user experience when using both Siebel CRM and Oracle CX mobile applications.

Customer Success

During the conference we heard from many customers showcasing their Siebel CRM deployments and CX strategies. Check out these awesome achievements:

  • Vodafone – Siebel CRM is used across 14 countries, for the UK deployment, a new Halo project was established to re-imagine the UI, providing a customer centric view across all channels. The outcome of the new UI has greatly improved adoption and productivity for Sales teams across 12,000 users. Vodafone's mission critical CRM system is also very agile with DevOps performing 6 releases per year,
  • Indian Oil - This massive, brand new Siebel CRM implementation of 100,000 users is the core system for Indian Oil’s cross-channel, customer platform (called ePIC). One of the largest Distributor Management Systems in the world including customer portals, mobility, campaign management, social media integration, loyalty, master data management, policy automation and analytics. The single instance, handles almost 2,000 service tickets a day and 2.4 million orders during peak hours, per day – a CRM solution supporting the largest company in India. Indian Oil has successfully drove revenue, operational efficiency and transformed CX to gain long-term competitive advantages.
  • Central Group - Thailand’s #1 Retail & Services business running the largest loyalty program in Thailand. 15m members after only 3 months since the program launched. The system is essential to provide a streamlined process for rewards and redemption. The long term goal of the scheme is to provide a new lifestyle customer platform across many partners and industries.
  • National Police of Finland - we are proud that the Siebel CRM application for Case Management is used by the #1 ranked Police force in the world! Siebel Case Management part of the 'Vitja' system is used by 19,000 law enforcement officers in many functional processes and also a key component of a vast system architecture incorporating over 100 different intelligence systems. The estimate for gained cost-benefits by changing operational model, adding automation, implementing integrations and consolidating systems is around €200m per year by the year 2025.
  • Smiles - Global provider of Loyalty programs running Siebel CRM 18.7 on the Oracle Cloud platform. The new platform is highly scalable with 200+ EAI integration transactions per second!, zero downtime and 100% automated cloud elasticity. A recent case study that completely refutes comments made by one of our competitors (click here) - don't believe the misleading information, focus on the reality.
  • Spark New Zealand - Spark is the largest Telecommunications company in New Zealand combining fixed line, broadband and mobile. They are one of our leading agile customers - delivering 2 application updates a month, with zero downtime rollouts, live on 17.6 and moving to 18.10 soon. They have automated testing and are using Workspaces which they shared details of during their presentation. Some of the major benefits they have seen since upgrading is with incremental releases, distributed development, and they are now looking to implement a complete CI/CD process.
  • Campus Crusade for Christ - CRU are using Siebel CRM for Constituent Management to track orders and donations. The Constituent Management solution has evolved with work completed on an intuitive UI and mobile application. Some cool features were demonstrated including smart OpenUI fuzzy search, Google maps integration with clustering, and integration with Gmail and Google Calendar.
  • VSP - A successful non-profit vision benefit company, VSP are using Siebel CRM for Inside Sales and deployed to Field Sales and Client operations. VSP's goal is to promote visual wellness and improving members' quality of life.
  • Sleep Number - Their goal is to "become one of the world’s most beloved brands by delivering an unparalleled sleep experience". In order to do this they have become a vertically integrated company with end-to-end focus on customer, creating a unified CRM application across all channels and customer touchpoints. At the foundation is Siebel CRM with an enhanced UI targeting a customer centric view for Sales. This successful project has improved adoption, productivity and is also mobile friendly.
  • American Airlines - One of the worlds biggest Loyalty programs with over 120m members. An eLoyalty thought leader, Siebel Loyalty powers the AAdvantage program through a Call Center UI, real-time services, and partner batch processing. The solution runs on Oracle Exadata and the Oracle Cloud, AA presented this architecture and shared performance and scalability results from their implementation.
  • Alaska Air - Another Siebel CRM Loyalty customer, on release 16.5, they share details of how the Commerce team moved to an agile development approach including automated regression testing, CI/CD with Jenkins, enabling them to achieve much faster release cycles for their partner portals.
  • Insperity - U.S. company providing human resources and administrative services to small and medium-sized businesses. They shared details about their implementation, live on Siebel CRM 18.5, integration with Oracle Service Cloud for chat and co-browse, CRM Desktop integration for Outlook productivity and Oracle Business Intelligence. Siebel CRM is the key component of their 'OneVoice' platform, providing 360 degree view of the customer and analytical insight. This platform stack has allowed them to achieve multichannel, contact center service management and with the 18.x release - business agility and competitive advantages with a view to enabling an even more continuous delivery process in the future.
  • Oakwood - Oakwood is the premier provider of corporate housing solutions with move-in-ready furnished accommodations in all 50 United States and more than 95 countries. Siebel CRM is used to provide an integrated, end-to-end solution to help automate the procurement process for extended stay housing. The system is used to process more than 60k requests per year and a new OpenUI initiative, including for tablet has made the booking process more efficient leading to reduced booking times and significant cost savings.
  • Proximus - Leading Benelux Telco Proximus streamlined the ordering process to enhance UX and improve productivity. The application is now much faster and easier for handling Mobile Orders from their customers. By using Open UI to customize the customer screens, now there are simplified ordering flows and dashboards leading to faster operations.
  • SoftClouds - An Oracle partner with an intelligent Natural Language Search innovation for Siebel CRM. We heard about the intelligent Google-like search used at Mazda to improve UX and productivity. Find out more here.
  • Dymensions - A specialized provider of Siebel CRM solutions, they shared their vision and CI/CD solution for Siebel CRM. The solution reduces the time/cost for testing, migration and also includes real-time reporting.

We look forward to meeting all our customers and partners in the near future, particularly at our upcoming global events. Our mission, as always, is to make you successful.

Click here to see the full list of Siebel CRM sessions and view the presentations from the Session Catalog.


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  • Van de Moortele Kurt Tuesday, November 13, 2018
    nice summary John
  • Ronny Schoonenberg Wednesday, November 14, 2018
    Hi John,

    You wrote "we showcased a new smartphone application, based on an intelligent framework that can function for existing Siebel CRM mobile applications."
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