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OpenWorld 2017 Review

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

Siebel CRM @ OpenWorld 2017

After a lot of hard work, the Siebel CRM team reflected on another successful OpenWorld conference last week. The team are delighted by the enthusiasm from our customers and partners toward our recent IP17 release, and new features planned for the upcoming IP18 release.

On behalf of the wider Siebel CRM team, I'd like to say a huge 'Thank You!' to our leading customers and partners that presented in our sessions and our Customer Advisory Board meet-up. We would not be able to deliver such a rich combination of innovative and diverse content to all our customers without you. The content was superb, with some mind-blowing achievements and forward thinking strategies that solidified the Siebel CRM key messages of innovation, longevity, expansion, and agility

The last word, 'agility', is of paramount importance. It's a key theme in our IP17 release, powering revolution in the product and, in doing so, giving our customers more agility with their Siebel CRM related business processes.

By adopting IP17, our customers can now:

  • Deliver updates more frequently (new agile architecture in IP17 paves the way for more frequent Innovation Pack releases from IP18 onward).
  • Achieve less downtime (zero downtime is possible in many circumstances)
  • Perform targeted and automated regression testing, vastly reducing time and cost
  • Apply and test monthly Oracle patch sets in the application faster and with less risk
  • Scale the application dynamically to meet urgent demands
  • Achieve 'Continuous Integration, Continuous Delivery', adopting agile methodologies that align product delivery with the development process.

Much of this was highlighted in our strategic update and the innovation sessions. We demonstrated Siebel Intelligent Chatbots and updates to support the development and migration process. Siebel Composer continues to evolve; the new UI designer was used to illustrate how to create data visualizations (with new UI controls such as infolets) and dashboards with ease. We have seen many of our customers using Open UI to create intuitive graphical dashboards, and with the UI designer in Siebel Composer, we’re enabling all customers to get to those benefits by lowering the bar to entry.

Data Visualization is becoming increasingly important - data is now being captured everywhere - and the intelligent insight that is becoming expected by everyone, rendered automatically in an easily digestible format. The age of intelligent CRM is certainly upon us.

Customer 360 Dashboards improve productivity and provide a rapid, focused, intelligent insight to the user.

Along with our ability to easily create dashboards in Siebel CRM, we shared our latest vision for automated application generation. By tracking and formatting both UI navigation and business process flows in an application deployment, we can then take that harvested data and transform it into a machine learning tool so that it can be analyzed for improvement. The same data can also be reused to automatically create guided user task navigation, or iHelp, therefore greatly reducing the time taken to implement this feature.

It is important to take a moment to understand this clearly, because both common CRM tasks in and deep end-to-end industry based flows are already starting to be instantiated by both humans and machines. The interaction point could be a user, a chatbot, a printer, or a car (via IoT integration). These are just some examples but ultimately these interactions need to execute different types of automated CRM processes intelligently and without error.

(Source: Gartner, 2016)

The live demonstration in our Automation session, emphasized how Siebel CRM is already adding machine learning capabilities to drive intelligent process automation, a move closer towards Autonomous CRM.

Customer Success

During the conference we heard from many customers showcasing their Siebel CRM deployments and CX strategies. Some of the highlights:

  • Sberbank - the largest bank in Russia (70% of Russians bank with them), and Siebel CRM is playing a pivotal role in their digital transformation strategy. Sberbank are leading the way with their vision for banking including omni-channel, AI, digital only (paperless) and extended security. They have also adopted an extremely agile implementation process with upto 20 internal Siebel CRM releases per year. With the adoption of IP17 they are expecting to see development velocity increase by 25%, acceptance testing duration reduce by 50% and an overall reduced TCO (150 man days per year). The Siebel CRM system is used by 170,000 users and across the whole organization (24/7 operation, maintained by only 10 staff), supporting 11 million Call Center enquiries and more than 50 million client office visits a month!.
  • Deutsche Telekom - by far the largest Telco corporation in Europe and a large Siebel CRM deployment with 50,000 users and 100+ interfaces!. The system tracks 35 million customers, up to 100,000 orders per day and consists of 100 Siebel Servers and 850 TB storage (database and file system). Despite having such a large deployment, they still manage 3 major internal releases a year. Their vision for CRM incorporates high performance, zero failure and 24x7 operations, agility and interoperability (AI, Cloud, Automation, Integration stability).
  • Emirates NBD - another digital transformation story with Siebel CRM at the heart of a complete omni-channel solution with end-to-end Marketing, Sales and Service operations. Moving to a full paperless operation, and recently seen vast improvements in customer satisfaction, cost efficiency and industry recognition. They also showcased a Customer 360 Dashboard or 'cockpit' in Open UI showing data from 14 different systems in a single Siebel CRM view greatly improving the productivity and insight for users.
  • National Police of Finland - Siebel CRM is used for Case Management in many functional processes and also a key component of a vast system architecture incorporating over 100 different intelligence systems. Some of the key focal areas in the system are with digital archiving, analytics, data protection regulations and to log every user activity in the system (data access auditing). The coordination in CRM of the proliferation of many types of digital content (speech, wearable body cameras, facial recognition, social media, ANPR and OCR object recognition etc) is also all necessary for simplifying digital evidence management.
  • Swiss Mobiliar - the number 1 company in Switzerland for household contents, business and life insurance shared their various innovations to improve CX. This included a Partner Portal in Open UI which helps to automate many processes such as: Claim Registration process improvement, handling 70,000 claims p.a. reducing clicks per claim leading to time savings > 5,000 hours p.a.; Automated invoicing process improvement leading to time savings of more than 20,000 hours p.a.; Also an integrated breakdown call service, whereby pushing a button on a device logs a direct emergency request in the Siebel Call Center with GPS coordinates and instantly executes a call to the nearest driver to go and assist the customer.
  • Spark NZ - an example of how extreme agility is possible with Siebel CRM application deployments. Spark is the largest Telecommunications company in New Zealand combining fixed line, broadband and mobile. One of they key success factors is their ability to be agile with frequent deployments, now monthly updates, moving back to weekly updates with test automation (regression testing) and application migration.
  • Lufthansa Cargo - operating worldwide air freight and logistics services, shared details of their Open UI success to create a simplified UX for Siebel CRM and a Mobile Sales application. The solution also includes a Customer 360 dashboard and a clever way to auto create Service Tickets with Siebel Email Response used to automate certain repetitive manual tasks. The Sales application called 'easySales' is used by Sales Reps in customer visits on their mobile devices and took only 6 months to design, build and deploy live.
  • ENI - a great insight into the development of a Siebel CRM Sales Mobile App implementation for the Gas & Power industry. Created with Open UI and using Cordova to leverage many native features of mobile devices such as camera, eld readers and also including Siebel Task UI rendered very well in Open UI on a tablet.
  • Australia DSS - the Australian Government shared details of their Open UI implementation of Siebel CRM, with user friendly, process driven portals to cater for application processes and case management.
  • American Airlines - one of the Worlds largest airline companies and running the biggest deployment of Siebel Loyalty in the world. Siebel Loyalty powers the AAdvantage program through a Call Center UI, real-time services, and partner batch processing for over 100 million AAdvantage accounts. Very high daily volumes are supported by 23 App servers and an 8 TB database with disaster recovery. AA also shared details of their corporate branded Siebel Partner Relationship Manager portal, a streamlined and intuitive UX that has reduced clicks by 50% and reduced training effort.
  • Xilinx - high tech semiconductor manufacturing company with over 50% global market share, Xilinx shared details of their Sales UI designed specifically to improve the efficiency of Sales Reps. This successful Open UI project involved user journey mapping to create a task driven UI and received great feedback from their sales users. 
  • Infosys - presented a case study on behalf of a leading telecommunications and information services company and their digital transformation initiative to improve CX with self-service. The final solution, showcased a clean-cut UI with guided process flows and embedded knowledge, e-configurator and CDM integration. This has led to an improvement in productivity across the 25,000 users and 50% reduction in order capture time.
  • Riverland Reply - shared details of Siebel CRM running on the Oracle Cloud Machine to support a Fleet Management System for a world-leading german automotive corporation, leading to reduced costs.
  • EC4U - our innovative partner showcased a live demo of Amazon Alexa responding to voice requests and returning information from the Siebel CRM application.
  • Blacksheep CRM - a new open source Open UI library has been made available to the community to help developers and provide a modular development approach. Find out more about this new library on Github.

This year the team also put on some slightly different session styles, called 'Collaborative Learning Sessions'. In these sessions participants were able to:

  • Siebel CRM in the Cloud - find out about the latest offerings from Oracle Cloud Compute for Siebel CRM, hands-on opportunity to explore and dynamically scale Siebel CRM on Oracle Compute Classic.
  • Modern Developer Experience - discover about parallel development with integration Workspaces in IP17. Hands-on team development, making changes, preview and submitting for delivery, conflict resolution and final delivery in real-time and with no restart of the application to deploy the configuration changes.
  • Business Process Automation - see how business process execution in Siebel CRM can be traced and then the data analyzed in the Fluxicon Disco application. There its possible to identify the most efficient paths that users take to finish a business process in an application. This insight can then help developers fine tune existing processes which is a key requirement for automating processes in the future.
  • Design Your Own Dashboard - along with Blacksheep CRM and our partner Boxfusion Consulting who have a proven track record in UX design, participants were able to learn how to create intuitive dashboards and enhance UX. There was a group collaboration exercise identifying key dashboard KPIs and we shared our vision for what data visualization dashboard concepts are planned in the Siebel CRM application roadmap.
  • Burning Questions -  direct interaction with our senior management to address questions from our customers and partners. We ran two of these sessions and both were completely full.

Burning Questions offered a great opportunity to discuss the Siebel CRM product roadmap with our executive team.

Collaborative Learning Sessions allowed participants to collaborate and get hands-on with the product. Here we can see the 'Design Your Own Dashboard' session in progress.

Finally, our CAB event was over-subscribed and unfortunately we could not accommodate everyone, next year we will look for a larger venue. Our networking event at the Hidden Vine was also packed out - many of our customers and partners commented on the growing community.

We look forward to meeting all our customers and partners in the near future, particularly at our upcoming global events. Our mission, as always, is to make you successful.

A review of Siebel CRM at Oracle OpenWorld is also available on the Siebel Hub (registration required).

Click here to see the full list of Siebel CRM sessions and view the presentations from the Session Catalog.


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