Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

OpenWorld 2015 - Review

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

OpenWorld concluded another successful event last week in San Francisco. We are
pleased by the positive commentary we continue to receive from both customers
and partners alike.

the week, Siebel CRM was frequently cited in the gamut of social media channels
and blogs, both for session content as well as for the popular Siebel CRM
Demo-Pods. As such, we recap a few highlights:

Sunday, October 25th -
Siebel CRM Annual Customer Advisory Board

off the week of Oracle OpenWorld, the Siebel Customer Advisory Board convened
the annual meeting at the Four Seasons Hotel. Our Customer Advisory Board meets
regularly and is made up of our leading, visionary customers who aim to provide
vital feedback to us helping us drive our product forward. Attendees
represented leading blue chip companies, across multiple industries,
geographies and functional areas of business. George Jacob, Group Vice
President, CRM Applications, set the tone for a bright future ahead. The Siebel
CRM transformation strategy comprising agility, innovation, cloud adoption and
machine learning.

Siebel Development team was also present to provide demos and the latest
prototypes of innovations such as Siebel Composer, 15.5 Innovations, Mobile applications,
as well as well fielding questions during a round-table discussion, with topics
ranging from IP 2016/2017 planning, Open UI, CX market trends, and the Siebel
product roadmap specifically focused on the 'Internet of Things' (IoT)
integration with Siebel CRM to leverage machine learning and enable process

the main part of the day we listened to four Siebel customers as they presented
their respective case studies and success stories to the CAB members. Rabobank,
a large financial services institution in the Netherlands talked about their
successful rollout the Open UI to over 30k users (including 20k concurrent
users). Oakwood, a leading provider of residential housing in the US presented
their Partner Mobile application, built using Open UI, with some cool UI
styling. General Motors, one of the largest automotive manufacturers in the
world, discussed how the industry is changing rapidly due to the introduction
of self-driving cars, Uber style services, and the changing CX demands. We were
all enlightened with the convergence of manufacturers like GM needing to
become software providers and software providers like Google looking at
building self-drive vehicles! Even with this rapidly changing direction,
Siebel CRM remains the heartbeat of customer data in the GM platform
infrastructure. Interesting times ahead in this industry for sure!. ADP also
presented their Open UI project, again another large scale deployment to 1000s
of users and successful adoption of Open UI. 

evening was capped by the Welcome
, with Larry Ellison,
Executive Chairman and CTO of Oracle Corporation discussing design goals and
achievements of Oracle. Keynotes and replays may be found at
Oracle OpenWorld 2015 On Demand

Monday, October 26th

sessions kicked off on Monday with George Jacob, Darshan Kumar and Sonia Wadhwa in the Siebel CRM General
Session, presenting Strategy and Roadmap — Continual Innovation and Customer
Success. This was very well-received as indicated by attendance at near
underlying message hit home that Siebel continues to thrive, helping
organizations achieve competitive advantages while adapting to disruptive
technological changes. As a core component of the Oracle Customer Experience
product suite, Siebel is also positioned to leverage Oracle’s best-of-breed
solutions through Oracle Cloud integrations—delivering value and ROI for Oracle

Siebel CRM General Session

back up this message, in a fitting closure to the day and again in an almost full
room, the Siebel CRM Customer Success panel complemented and substantiated the
earlier roadmap and strategy session.

customer panel session, presented three great speakers - American Airlines,
Sberbank, and General Motors, sharing their respective success stories; AA
using Siebel CRM to deliver one of the world's best and
largest Loyalty programs, AA also run their Admirals program in the
Oracle Hosted Cloud. Sberbank using Siebel CRM for financial services at
extreme large scale (92k users) across all Russia, and General Motors using Siebel
CRM as a foundational platform for the automotive revolution and also
integrating Siebel CRM with Oracle Social Relationship Management for Social
Service. All great companies, delivering great customer experiences, and
underlying that Siebel CRM is a solid bet, evolving and well positioned to
support their businesses for years to come.

Tuesday, October 27th

focused on Business Agility, Open UI, Mobile, as well as providing three
memorable customer panels. The Siebel CRM Business Agility session introduced
our new Siebel Composer Workspaces feature and Usage Pattern Tracking. In our
Mobility session we showcased new Mobile applications and new Industry
applications features. 

the early afternoon, we introduced our team of experts to meet our customers
over by the demo pods. Our customers certainly took the opportunity to talk
face to face and 'Meet the Experts'. Our demo pod areas was crammed for 2 hours
as customers checked out new features in the product and asked detailed
technical questions on Open UI.

Siebel CRM Demogrounds 'Meet the Experts'

The Siebel Open UI customer
innovation showcase, moderated by Darshan Kumar, Sr. Director, Siebel
Development, joined by Industry thought leaders from Australias' Department of
Social Services (Public Sector) and Rabobank (Financial Services), demonstrated
how they have re-imagined the customer
experience by developing innovative solutions with Oracle’s Siebel Open UI.

Financial Services company CIMA co-presented with BoxFusion talking about how
they use Siebel Open UI to power their customer portal. We saw some pretty cool
usability features and many were impressed to see how CIMA incorporate web
analytics into their Open UI portal so they can see how their customers
navigate the site.

a parallel session, Siebel partner, Boxfusion Consulting, concluded the day
with Panasonic presenting a coexistence model
using Siebel CRM with Oracle Marketing Cloud, Oracle Sales Cloud and Service

Wednesday, October 28th

and Thursday were all about our Industry solutions. In our first session we heard about Mobilink's success story using Siebel CRM as a customer experience platform and offering dynamic, personalized and competitive offers and packages to their customers; we also detailed our
roadmap for the Communications industry.

the afternoon sessions included: Public Sector, featuring City of Los Angeles
talking about their 311 system powered by Siebel CRM and DELL Federal talking
about how typically OnPremise Public Sector organizations can adopt hybrid
strategies for cloud solutions. For Automotive, Tata Consulting, Fiat Brazil
and Volvo presented case studies on the transformation of their Customer Care
Services and CX advantage.

a day of sessions and demo grounds - it was time to head to Treasure Island to
see Elton John and Beck perform!

Thursday, October 29th

final day of OpenWorld arrived, but no less a busy agenda of Siebel sessions
for the day. We started with a cool insight from Westpac, and the mobile
application for modern Financial Services as well as detailing our Financial
Services roadmap.

had a session on Life Sciences with Johnson and Johnson accompanied by Laerdal,
discussing their Siebel success stories and our Consumer Goods session included
a customer panel, represented by Japan Tobacco, and partner, Hitachi Consulting
representing Masan from Vietnam.

wrap up the day we discussed Upgrade best practices for maintaining and
supporting Siebel CRM, and how quick adoption of Siebel Innovation Packs
provides for greater business agility.

day was rounded out by a last farewell and closing reception for our Siebel CRM
customers at the cool Novela Bar, which was
well attended by both customers and partners alike.

was awesome to see how our customers are using the Siebel
CRM product in many different, innovative ways to
overcome business challenges and improve CX for their customers.
We received some great feedback from our customers, certainly that
the future looks bright for Siebel CRM, the world is transforming and Siebel
CRM provides a solid, proven platform to use as a foundation for customer
experience, cloud technology adoption and the future of machine to machine
interactions automating business processes that have been perfected in Siebel
CRM over the last two decades.

times ahead for Siebel CRM innovation. 

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  • Richard Siebel Hub Friday, November 6, 2015

    Thanks to Oracle for putting on such a great show, and it was exciting to see so much positivity emanating from the Siebel Community. Thanks to you John for coming to our Meetup and for organizing a cool Closing Party. See you next year!

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