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Join Promotion Group Enhancement

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

Joining a Promotion Group made easier

We are pleased to announce the new simplified Join Promotion Group feature in the Siebel CRM 18.8 Update, which will improve user experience for our Communications, Media and Utilities customers.

Background - Promotion Groups

A Promotion Group, is an offering, that groups together existing assets, services or contracts for providing shared benefits. For example, an employer might offer 20% discount in wireless service charges to all their employees as a benefit for a particular service provider. Hence, when the customer buys a promotion group, they are actually buying the ability to group services together.

If you are new to promotion groups or community offerings, please review this link.

Feature Description

Subscribers can call in to a Customer Support Rep (CSR) and request to join a promotion group with either an existing service or a new service to get the benefit.

Users can subscribe to existing Promotion Groups in two different ways:

  1. Add an existing eligible service asset to the Promotion Group
  2. Add a new eligible service product to the Promotion Group

The flow diagram below illustrates both the old and new flows for the 1st scenario. You can immediately notice the optimization in the flow. (The second use case also shows a similar improvement).

Figure 1 – Consolidated flow chart (showing old and new steps) for adding existing service asset to a Promotion Group

A new Join Promotion Group view is introduced as part of this new flow.

Figure 2 - New Join Promotion Group View

Once the user picks a new Service or an existing Service Asset in a Sales Order or Quote and clicks on the Join Promotion Group menu item, new Join Promotion Group view (shown above) comes up.

Line Items applet on the left shows the service that the user is trying to associate to the Promotion Group. The Join Promotion Group applet on the right is where the user picks the Promotion Group Owner Account. This displays all the eligible promotion groups and memberships that the selected Service is eligible to be associated to.   

The user can now select the Service in the Line Items applet, select the required membership in the Join Promotion Group applet and click on the Associate button. Associate adds the membership to line item and also associates it with the selected service from line items applet. Once the association happens, the details are shown in the Associated Member applet.

As opposed to the existing flow, you can think of the new improved bottom-up flow, as a one-stop shop, to search for and join eligible promotion groups quickly.

Key Benefits

This enhancement streamlines the flow of joining promotion group and makes it intuitive. It reduces number of clicks from 16 to 11 more than 30% improvement. Obviously, the call-handling time for the CSRs will reduce. Since the flow is simpler and more intuitive, the CSR is able to complete the transaction easily and without making any mistakes. The same flow provides the option of either adding a new service to an existing promotion group or of adding an existing service to the promotion group.

Please note that the old flow can still be used. So, the process of retraining the CSRs and moving them to the new flow can be gradual.

Author credit: Arvind Dangeti (Group Manager, Siebel CRM Development); Himanshu Kashikar (Product Management Director, Siebel CRM)

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