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  • September 19, 2017

Integrating Eloqua Profiler into Siebel CRM

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

Many Siebel CRM customers have added big data marketing capabilities to complement their Siebel Marketing solution by integrating with Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Eloqua Profiler (which is part of Oracle Marketing Cloud) gives sales teams fast access to their prospects’ online activities and behaviors, giving them key insight into buyer interests and intent. In seconds, busy sales professionals get real time visibility into their prospects’ online activity—before they pick up the phone. Sales people can interpret prospect needs without sorting through lines of data. The easy to-use tool provides seamless drill down for additional details on any activity, and shows you exactly what campaign, form, or webpage your prospect visited.

It is extremely easy to integrate the Profiler views for a Contact into Siebel CRM by using the standard method of embedding web page content into a Siebel CRM view.

Here are some simple steps to embed the Profiler view into Siebel CRM:

  1. Create a symbolic URL to integrate Eloqua’s profiles into the Siebel CRM UI
  2. Create an applet that will show the Symbolic URL you just created
  3. Put the applet on a new view
  4. Put the view on an existing screen
  5. Set the applet to use the BC that will feed the URL parameter(s) (in this case we want to map Contact data)
  6. Now configure the symbolic URL to pick up the email address and add it as a URL parameter
  7. Register the new view and associate the view with a responsibility
  8. Test your work

A Contacts email address is being used here as a unique identifier to match the data between the two systems.

The result can be seen below (rendered in IP2017 with the Alta theme):

Eloqua Profiler


To test this simple solution:

Pre IP2017, compile the SRF and re-start the relevant Object Manager.

With IP2017, perform the configuration changes and then ‘Inspect’ the UI in the browser, no compilation or restarts required. If is all looks good, go ahead and deploy the changes.

This simple example illustrates how easy it is to combine data from Oracle CX Cloud Suite applications by using the flexible integration methods that is inherent to Siebel CRM. This solution will work on most Siebel CRM releases, and there is no additional Open UI themeing work required at all.

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