Achieving Digital Transformation with Oracle's Siebel CRM

Innovation Pack 2017

John Bedford
Director, Product Strategy

Following on from the release of Innovation Pack 2016 (16.0) in May, the engineering team are already deep into development for our 17.0 release. 

The Siebel CRM IP2017 Statement of Direction has been published, and can be found on MyOracle Support, Doc ID: 2179185.1

The new 17.0 release has a clear focus on business agility as the exciting new Siebel Composer agile development innovations reach conclusion. Workspaces, which is a foundational block for Composer in 16.0 also is enhanced further. Composer and Workspaces are set to revolutionize the way developers configure and deploy the Siebel CRM application.

Key innovations include:

  • Siebel Composer – WYSIWYG UI development
  • Multi-Branching Workspaces
  • Application Generation - across role & device
  • Automating Test Automation
  • Cloud support – Oracle Public Cloud (OPC)
  • REST Interface – metadata introspection, business entity-based auto-generation
  • Product Configurator (with Oracle ACT) – caching, transparency

Please read the Innovation Pack 2017 SOD for more detail on the above innovations. More information will be detailed at OpenWorld and continue to watch this space for more information as soon as it becomes available.



















The new Siebel Composer.

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Comments ( 2 )
  • fname Tuesday, December 27, 2016

    Whats the beta release date for IP17

  • John Bedford Thursday, January 19, 2017


    We have a specific set of beta customers and partners that we are working with, it is generally not an open initiative. That being said, if you have a strong business need please give me your email and we can look at what we can do for you.



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